Boom! WONO starts token presale!

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The historical moment has come, on the 10th of August WONO P2P platform for rentals and freelancing starts the token presale with 30% bonus.

While the dev team is working day and night to launch the working MVP and start listing first assets in October, everyone has got an opportunity to become a part of the WONO world right now. The token presale will last until the 2nd of September.

To take part in the presale, please use our official Telegram bot Just follow his instructions — the process is easy and seamless.

Of course, bonuses are limited. The luckiest, who’ll be among the first token buyers, will get 30% bonus. Once we collect $3,000,000 the bonus will be cut to 25% and at $7,000,000 we’ll be forced to close the presale.

To make sure that the tokensale is 100% transparent and secure, we’ve ask one of the most trusted agencies, Coinmercenary, to audit our smart contract, and they’ve approved it. What’s more, we’ve got a STABLE rate by ICO Rating, which means that WONO’s investors won’t risk losing their money.

Stay tuned!


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Congratulations on the start of your presale and good luck!

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