WONO’s interactive prototype: why is it so cool?

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You may have watched our explainer video or even read the whitepaper which contains about 100 pages… but the best way to get the project’s idea is to check an interactive prototype! Which we proudly present: alpha.wono.io.

Let us make a brief review of what you’re going to see inside. We’ve done our best to make it really simple to use and, at the same time, to show our key features at work. And here’s what you can do exploring the demo:

  • Find a freelance job and earn tokens

  • Find a flat in Spain and rent it

  • Rent out your car

  • Sign a trusted deal to rent another flat in Italy using the tokens that are yet to be earned in the future

Hope you’ll enjoy this experience and all the comments are most welcome.

And to conclude, a small FAQ:

Q: Is it made in Adobe XD?

A: Yes, it is. We wanted to release it as soon as possible, so used the fastest way.

Q: Will the html version be available?

A: Sure, and very soon. We’re working on it right now.

Q: Will there be more features and freedom?

A: Yep! We’ll continue improving the prototype and aim to publish a couple of new versions during the presale and crowdsale to demonstrate how the product is being developed.

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Andrey Chepelev, COO at WONO


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This project is going to be a huge success
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Greetings, and good luck!

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It's nice to see that a lot of updates are coming!

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