Iconomi (ICN): Peak to Peak Fractal

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Iconomi (ICN) fractal shown below is quite uncanny. The White box contains a completed downward wedge that later exploded to deliver 762% if profits! The resulting surge was a clear five wave impulse. The blue box is quite correlated with the white. The point of the red Z and the blue Z wave of the wxyxz signal that the blue fractal can soon put in some jaw dropping returns. Would now be the best time to be taking BUYING or SELLING actions for ICN?

The projected price pathway is shown below (blue impulse waves). It's quite probable that the probable surge could deliver a peak equal in heigh to the white fractal surge.

If you consider the MACD; it has danced to the same fractal tune. The blue rectangle represents some serious bullish MACD action potential.

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Iconomi was such a let down. Yet another company lying to to Ethereum crowd.

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