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RE: Automating Steem's Distribution

in #idea4 years ago

A bit cheeky to offer up an algo approach and not a single piece of criteria Kevin! 😁

I can't help but think cynically, if the code is there to be viewed, the scammers and smart-asses will be there to exploit it.

As time progresses, the closer I feel we are to the end of our Steemy experiment, and the more hope I place on SMT and account based voting to increase the value of our Steem Power investments.

I feel something has to give in mindset if things are to improve for the whole here, and when I read the arguments laid out against doing so, the less I feel that is likely to happen.

Steem on til the end!


Steem on til the end!

Steem on forever! 😉

I like your optimism!

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