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RE: Automating Steem's Distribution

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The concept and thought is not bad, it will require a bot to make things like that happen. The shortcoming is that bot cannot handle everything professionally. Steemit might lter end up been a dumping site, where a lot of people will just write their post and go, i dea of steemit been a social platform may end up been the reverse.
The only thing i think can be done is what ned say in last video interview, is the implementation of oracle, well the whales on steemit might not really take it serious. Since they are indpendent, among other things that can be done is building a large community with people of like minded individual, giving them guide on how to bring new people. With this step taken into place, we have a strong steemit platfor.


Well unless if the oracle system is somehow decentralised and secure enough, I think oracles can just create free accounts, which may end up being worse. But yeah I don't about the plans enough.

The oracle from what i heard ned speech is not different from the community we have on steemit just like the curie community that tend that seeks for high quality content, boost them up to the trending page. So that those joining the platform can view and be motivated to join and invest in the platform.
Well i don't think it will be centralised but rather decentralised, since the focus will be on quality content, in which there will be rules in place to make sure it is inline with the whole plan.
@kevingwong i love the ideas you always share in your post, i think this must have been not just from thought, but for plans ahead of the future smt.
I will have love to ask, what you have in stock. I think you might want to take it private.

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