My first intro to that account was a flag so the confusion lasted all but a split second. The use of that image is a clear violation of EU law.

This is fucked up
Some people have no life outside of this box
And no wonder steem stays low compared to other crypto

Wow, I cant believe they are still around. Ugh. I dont know how they got that high of level! Shoot!

Pretty ironic getting 62 for being a jerk...

there seems to be a group doing this. i don't think it is organic.

Seems like silly highschool games really.

I have always enjoyed your content and strong personality and kinda winced when you took beanie on head on.

It will be neat to see how this plays out as I hate that the flags wipe out your profitability and I know you are here for the long haul.

Wish I could help.