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Blockchain Ratings
This is a unique feature that will be used on the FICE exchange. Each user will have a personal rating that will vary depending on the results of his trade. Rating can be published and monetized.

Copy Trading
The key to successful trading is blockchain rating, a unique passive trading system that will be available to the FICE users. Thereby, many who were considering crypto asset market as not clear and risky market will be able to start trading.

Unique Interfaces
The FICE Exchange will have unique interfaces for convenient and fast trading; provide useful functions for traders to make their work easier and comfortable. A special service will be provided for quick exchange and purchase.

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The principles and values of the project coincide with the principles on which Islamic finance are based on. The Islamic economic model today is one of the most dynamic areas of the modern economy, which is actively moving beyond the Muslim countries.

The project has best prospects certainly at the moment.I hope that the project best in the cryptocarency market.I join this project.

ADAB has developed the world's first Islamic crypto exchange. This is a very necessary and useful idea that will be an attractive step for millions of Muslims.

Unique interfaces for convenient and fast trading!

This is a good and strong team, in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected. I trust in this project, and is sure that it will prove to be very powerfully in the nearest future.

The project knows what is going on and I am sure that all our plans will work out.
I've been following the project for a long time, I'm sure in perspective. A good idea.

I think that the product will indeed be in demand! So good luck to you, Adab

The ADAB Solutions FICE project is unique, with good potential to attract traders to its platform, thanks to excellent technical solutions, favourable conditions and transparency of the business. Join in!

Adab will be the trading platform of cryptocurrency that is chosen by Muslim traders in the world to make transactions.

Islamic crypto-economic systems can be characterized as a set of financial mechanisms that allow individuals to carry out investment activities without violating the basic principles of the Sharia

#ADAB is an interesting option for investments. The main feature is to make reliable investments available to individuals and organizations of any size.

Take the chance to be ahead of the high-tech industry thanks to the capabilities of the #ADAB project.

Very interesting project. Great project and amazing. The team behind the development of this token is one of the best for today, the real professionals of their business, with whom it is pleasant to work. I see this project has a very promising future and advise you to participate in the sale of their tokens. Be a part of this project.

Demanded technology, excellent team and confirmed prospects, I will be aware of. Be sure to consider working with #ADAB – the soft cap has been successfully achieved!

A good option for earning with the #ADAB project - I have already invested in tokens on their pre-sale.

This project will demonstrate how the principles of Islamic finance will be implemented in a cryptocurrency project. I really like this concept. This concept is very different from the concepts that have existed before. This project is very promising and interesting to follow.

ADAB offers core principles that are based on honesty, reliability and transparency based on the cultural and ethical principles of Muslims.

ADAB Solutions will take care of the issue of halal cryptographic money activities. ADAB Solutions will take care of the issue of unnecessary dangers of digital money frameworks.

Discover new opportunities. Join the project with new technologies, an excellent idea and a strong team

The crypto market needs new users and new investments and Islamic countries are a great opportunity to find a new foothold.

The project would have more dominance in the crypto space , because its outstanding features and unique concepts . looking forward to future developments. I advise everyone to join.

Very interesting project. Great project and amazing. The team behind the development of this token is one of the best for today, the real professionals of their business, with whom it is pleasant to work. I see this project has a very promising future and advise you to participate in the sale of their tokens. Be a part of this project.

This user personal rating feature looks cool. If there is a trade between traders, each user's rating will show the level of thrust they each have

I believe that the ADAB platform will become a leader in its field, as it has a number of features and advantages over other platforms. And as we already know, only the best platforms achieve success. Of course, you and I should definitely join the ADAB proposal in order not to miss all the opportunities provided.

Great project will the a good foresight in reaching out to the Muslim world using blockchain technology

ADAB SOLUTIONS solves the problem of bringing cryptocurrencies in line with the high moral and cultural values of Islam, creating a global cryptocurrency platform for both Muslims and the world. Don't miss such a great opportunity!!!

The Adab team intends to pay Special attention to the technical side of the project. The most reliable technologies will be selected to provide users with security and peace of mind. #adabsolutions

This is a promising and very interesting project. Those who are interested in investments, take a closer look at this project!

Great oppotunity to buy cheap tokens from IEO, it makes the token more secure and tradable once the token sales get succesfull. Don't missed out cuase Bitfores is just one of those exchangers they plan to have their token in IEO.

This is an interesting exchange with a rating system, it is interesting to test, I have not seen anything like it before. thank you for sharing this news with us

Blockchain is gradually entering our lives and very soon it will fill all the niches of modern business. The market of an old sample to which all got used already became outdated. Projects such as ADAB now becomes relevant.

No doubt about this campaign, cool investment can come here for cool profit

Adab Solutions makes it possible to perform cryptocurrency transactions in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance on the basis of Shariah norms and we are the first company that solves this problem.

It is very cool when the platform takes into account religious trends and is ready to give part of its profits to charity!

API is good. User friendly platform and easy to work with. Traders will enjoy their benefits and features of FICE exchange.

The ADAB solution is a great investment opportunity. Do not miss this project with new technologies and will succeed in the future. Become a part of this technology with this project.

there is still time to be part of the Adab project, lots to gain

Very interesting decisions. You have a strong team that will lead the project to the top.

Adab solutions is among the best and most promising crypto projects of the year! Never miss it out guys!

The ADAB Solutions will leave no stone unturned to make its crypto exchange trader friendly. I think its new and unique interfaces will cater to traders and investors.

it's a very interesting project. And we will look forward to further development. And we wish all the best for new discoveries. I advise everyone.

I am seriously looking forward to the copy trading facility of this platform, have not seen this in any known crypto exchange, hope this will work perfectly in FICE. Double package from the adabs team

🔜Adab Solutions (ADAB)
Adab Solutions is developing the first Islamic Crypto Exchange(FICE), based on the norms of Shariah...
For more information click the link:
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When there is a personal rating of a trader - it is very good, will be with whom to take an example during trading.

A method to enhance the chance of Islamic region in taking the crypto to a next level for all to adopt.

Will this have to make use of real time copying of the trades of expert traders? I hope there is a way of knowing the ratings of the trades and traders to copy, really looking forward to this, ups Adabs!

This is the company that will change the future and see things! All I want to introduce an amazing company! I wish good luck the team, the company and all the investors

Adab creates a cryptosystem for Muslims in accordance with accepted norms. This is a very large market, so the potential for its growth is huge. Already now the interest in the project is admirable.

Adab comes with very unique best wishes always with this project.keep it up team Adab.

Thanks to ADAB, work has become easier and more comfortable: now even a beginner can do everything correctly and profitably for himself.

I am very interested in whether it will be implemented on your platform API for developers?

Adab is a great project with a unique concept. With a strong team behind this project will success in the near future.

I am confident that the new Islamic Crypto Exchange (FICE) and Adabs will be successful among traders, since the project has many different advantages.

3 days left before the start of IEO on the BitForex exchange! Wow this is a highly anticipated moment from this project. Hopefully the event will run smoothly and achieve success.

The FICE will also pay and give attention to experience candidate in the field of Islamic Finance. ADAB Solution is trying to provide employment by doing this which will also help increase the standard living of the muslims

Every single day ADAB has been developing itself for the convenient of the traders. It has introduced unique interfaces for convenient and fast trading. The exchange is trader friendly.

Having dedicated team members which is crucial to the development of the project is one of the reasons that makes this project stand out from the other competitors out there.

The very interesting and promising project, with a cool team of developers!

ADAB is coming up with many features to make it easier for traders to use and enjoy the project. It will ensure transparency, honesty and provides investment security.

Thanks to ADAB, work has become easier and more comfortable: now even a beginner can do everything correctly and profitably for himself.

I believe that crypto-currency works without borders. but due to some cultural and belief differences it would be nice to give respect in everyones own belief. thanks to AdabSolution FICE platform our fellow muslims can use it since it was crafted by the Shariah Law principles

#Adabsolution is a project with incredible goals and great future plans .They also have best Team of developers and proffesionals advisors.To cut it short, I have confidence this Project will be a very HUGE SUCCESS in future.. If you are looking for the right Investment, you have reached your final destination.#Adabsolution is taking us to the moon, be an early adopter. IEO is live on Bit-z and Bit-M , join us now

I believe that the new Islamic Crypto Exchange (FICE) and Adabs will definitely be a success among traders as they have advantages in their Arsinals and open up the opportunity to trade in cryptocurrency to new regions.

This project sounds very interesting. A good idea, it would be great if it was implemented. I wish good luck and success to the team, let everything go according to the plan!

First Halal cryptocurrency , this speaks volume in the muslim community

This is what traders like about an exchange, they have very unique features and awesome User interface to catch the attention of traders.

The unique features innovated by Adab solution team has put the Adab solution project one step ahead every competitor. This is truly revolutionary.

technical project. sounds interesting

A good team, with a strong project. The popularity of this project is growing, and I think we will get a good profit all together!

It is very good job that ADAB is setting an example in the field of crypto exchange by fully ensuring investment security and providing profits.

With ADAB cryoto assets can be held according to the norms of the shariah law, since ADAB intends to work in accordance of the law.

Adab is a great project designed in line with the best and highest sophisticated technology standards and it also has unique technical features.

Adab truly revolutionalizing the crypto currency trading world. With the introduction of new features like Blockchain rating, copy trading unique interphases, Arab is fully set to make crypto trading safe for all.

ADAB Project is a very large-scale project! It is a platform for launching halal ICO, and an information portal dedicated to the topic of Islamic finance in the world of cryptography, and the first Islamic exchange.

I really liked the Innovative Functions of the FICE Exchange from ADAB Solutions Сompany. Blockchain Ratings, Copy Trading and Unique Interfaces - All this will make it possible to extract additional profits for both experienced traders and beginners. I think the FICE Exchange will become one of the best Blockchain Projects in 2019. #ADAB #adabsolutions #cryptocurrency #blockchain #IEO

#ADAB has a some unique features in it platform. These features can make a huge value to the ADAB platform. I'm waiting to use that options.

In my opinion , application bockchain technology is really well in this year so it is really convenient , fast and secure now . If your project application it . Your project will sucess in the future.

The success of ones project relies on its flexibility and ADAB just nailed it!!! I am very sure that bit will be a success. Continue reaching out to people.

Great! That is new oportunity for thous who want bought ADAB. Such different sale variants helps community choise the best way for purchase.

FICE appreciated, it uses Shariah law so will promote crypto transactions in Muslim countries.
Because it is the first, there will be many opportunities and challenges.

I will support this adab solution project, because it has project business features that are in accordance with the Islamic management model. and the Adab Solution exchange platform that is truly reliable, transparent and honest and involves Muslims in running this project.

The combination of art and high technologies is offered by Adab, do not miss your chance, join by purchasing our tokens and investing in this wonderful platform!

The project moves up smoothly ,I am sure the idea of the project has many interesting and promising, I wish the team to develop this project as large as possible and ambitious, and the investor good profits #adabsolutions #IEO #ICO #ADAB #cryptocurrency #blockchain

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