Announcement of the launch of IEO ADAB Solutions on Bit-Z and Bit-M exchanges!

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Bit-Z and Bit-M will officially launch an event to sell ADAB Solutions’ tokens as part of the IEO on April 26. The secondary trading market will open until May 25, 2019.

IEO details:
Start Time: 2019/04/26 17:00(UTC+8)

End Time: 2019/05/05 17:00(UTC+8)
Price: 1 ADAB — 0.1 USD

Recruitment Currency — USDT BTC ETH BMB
Available volume: 33 000 000 tokens

Total Supply:245 000 000 tokens
Token Release Time: 1–15 working days after the end of the project


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great news, thanks to the team for the announcement, I hope the fees will show excellent results

I am sure that the project will become known all over the world and many new partners will join our team.

I am so impressed to see the rapid growth of Islamic finance together with ADAB Solutions. This is a great project who love cryptocurrency.

This project always looking awesome. This project is becoming more popular every day! Excellent performance to run, and easy to understand for those who want to follow this project.

Adab Solutions is no doubt one of the most promising crypto projects of 2019, be sure to never miss this out!

ADAB is the first in the world of IEO, which will be held on several exchanges and upon completion, will be listed on them. Join the community

Good news. I want to buy these tokens. I look forward to launching IEO

You have a big investment opportunity in front of you. So try to recognize the opportunity and grab it before it is too late. Move your steps for ADAB Solutions, a great project.

Right after the end of IEO, ADAB Solutions will list its tokens on exchanges. This fact is one of the solid reasons that the project is genuine and always looking to give good service to the traders.

Great news, ADAB launches as part of an IEO sale. Soon April 26th. Have time and do not miss your chance.

I am very much impressed by the dedication and cooperation of the ADAB Solutions team. The team is very professional and serious about making this project a success.

Its the best time to choose were you going to invest in the AdabSolution IEO event , since it was simultenously listed in 5 different Exchange platform don't delay you can participate now until its available. AdabSolution will definitely change the way we look into Cryptocurrency exchange equipped with shariah law principles.

If you are a modern society, you can find many examples of consensus algorithms. This project is what will give us the will and great opportunities! Come here. Join us! #adabsolutions #IEO #ICO #ADAB #cryptocurrency #blockchain

This project always looking awesome. This project is becoming more popular every day! Excellent performance to run, and easy to understand for those who want to follow this project.

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#Adabsolution is a project with incredible goals and great future plans .They also have best Team of developers and proffesionals advisors.To cut it short, I have confidence this Project will be a very HUGE SUCCESS in future.. If you are looking for the right Investment, you have reached your final destination.#Adabsolution is taking us to the moon, be an early adopter. IEO is live on Bit-z and Bit-M , join us now

Wonderful innovative project gives confidence in success. The team chooses the best tools to work with. The project has great potential.

I notice how interest in #ADAB is growing every day. This happens for certain reasons that are easy for everyone to see. The high professionalism of the team makes itself felt. Everything is done flawlessly, and the reaction is positive

Thank you for this info! Glad to be here and see sucsessfull steps of Adab.

I hope this project will be one of best ico in this year , team work so hard and obviously they reach there goal. Congrats on being on 2 launchpads. I know this will create positive impact.

A team with highly qualified specialists. People are now more willing to share or contribute, creating an abundance of data and information.

Am fascinated with the solution that this project is working on, building a crypto exchange in accordance to Islam law is such a nice initiative

so great news ! Hopeful ADAB solution having many people buy your token as soon as so ADAB solution is really potential and they will increase and don't turbulent in the future.

Adab is one of the best of luck team Adab.

Good news everyone a lot of money for a reward. This is a very good platform and profitable. The team here is very good and the administration is responsive. I advise everyone to join and earn good money.

The team of this project is very talented and promising people. It's not everyone can make such an excellent project with a great future. I am sure that this project will develop and will be successful.

This is a good reason to enter the crypto market! Very good conditions! The best exchange of the future!

The project has a great team and a lot of experience in this direction! I propose to provide the necessary support to the project. The project has the best ratings in all analytical reports!

I follow the project almost from the very beginning and see how actively and seriously the team approaches the development of this useful platform!

Opportunity for those who want to buy ADAB cheaply before it lists on major exchanges. A great project.

Ambitious team, actual technologies and real prospects for stable earnings.
I recommend my subscribers to pay attention to #ADAB – a really good and promising product, with an ambitious team of developers and solid bonuses for investment.

The project has great prospects. A strong team and a great idea is what you need for a successful project.

ADAB has established itself as a project with a useful idea. IEO will help to attract even more supporters of the project, which is very important to increase the pace of its development.

A true exchange guided by Islamic principles.

Awesome approach towards achieving the funding goal of this project, the team id truly superb

I really like the project and their ambitious concept! I think they have great chances to achieve impressive results in the nearest future! You should have a look at it

Good work Adab is doing to align the ethics of Islam in the blockchain

good ideas and great team .. i'm sure this project will attract more investors and I also believe this project will be much better in the future, good luck

Adab solve the problem of aligning crypto assets with the high moral and cultural values of Islam by creating a global cryptocurrency platform for both Muslims and the world at large.

Wow. Good news. Bit-Z and Bit-M are good IEO platforms. SO ADAB IEO will finished soon. Be ready for take part for the ADAB

This project have lot of good vision . i hope this will make good change in Crypto world.

This project have lot of good vision . i hope this will make good change in Crypto world.

Hello this inevitable I guess. Adab is now securing all needed permits and at the same time developing the platform with utmost features with it. If there is one thing will happen int he future, this is adab will surely survive or become one of the top rated project.

ADAB Solutions is a Very Promising Blockchain Project, it solve the problem of aligning crypto assets with the High Moral and Cultural Values of Islam. I think this Blockchain Project has a Big Potential for Growth !..

With the potential of this project, Im sure that many investors want to be part of this project and holds their token to benefit in the future when they're product full launched.

Adab's solution will bridge the gap between the Islamic financial system and non-Muslims who want to be part of the Islamic financial system. Adab as the first blockchain-based financial platform that operates under the guidance of blockchain financial sharia law in general and the Project that will bring potential to the future in the crypto world.

Bit-m will support more startups and potential projects like ADAB that contribute to the development of the blockchain industry and improve the ecological development of blockchain.

This is the best time to take advantage of this amazing bonus

This IEO will be successful. This is an opportunity for people to bag more ADAB token cause it's a rare opportunity, I see a lot of potential at ADAB Solutions. The team is capable of delivering what the roadmap states and listing of exchanges.

Great interest caused by your product gave its positive results! Congratulations on a successful conclusion!

This project has good progress, with the FICE program i believe in the near future this project will be a success

good coin value. it attracts

A very remarkable project so far and we are confident of a successful outcome... I am a proud investor

I love this project, I can't wait to see all that it will be bringing to the table. Listing on 5 of top 15 major exchanges is a good one. ADAB is surely a fantastic crypto project

By buying tokens through IEO, investors are protected from unscrupulous projects. Unlike those who just want to raise money and disappear, ADAB offers ready-made solutions. Buying tokens through the specified offer, it is also a pleasant bonus!

IEO already launched and I believe if ADAB is will reach softcap for this token sale

This project has all the chances of success, thanks to a cool team and a promising idea

I want to successfully close your IEO and implement the product.

I'm glad I joined the ADAB Solutions project! I hope that this project is fully successful for all users.

The ADAB project has created a promising cryptocurrency exchange, which includes a wide range of services and many interesting functions for trading.

!Let's go guys join now when the IEO still open
Don't miss this excellent chance!

ADAB has established itself as a project with a useful idea. IEO will help to attract even more supporters of the project, which is very important to increase the pace of its development.

I'm so excited, I can't wait for 25th may to Join the next IEO

This project has extraordinary goals and plans for the future and a very famous team that inspires confidence, in general I am sure that this project is good and one of the most promising and successful projects.

ADAB Solutions is ready to provide the first and only cryptocurrency exchange that is fully consistent with the Muslim society. This is a revolutionary idea.

This year I managed to find a decent set of profitable IT projects, this year I will start with the recommendation #ADAB – an actual and promising platform with favorable conditions for the purchase of tokens.

Another opportunity has come here for those who want to invest in a promising coin. ADAB Solutions is the best investment coin.

For my readers (i have blog) I want to offer a reliable investment option thanks to the #ADAB platform.

I am confident in the prospects of their tokens, will steadily grow in the first year of operation. A great option for investing in a modern and ambitious project.

The developers of the ADAB Solutions project are doing the right thing. They have the right development strategy that should lead them to success. I wish you successful promotion.

Wonderful information for all. Wish to best success of this campaign.

ADAB offers the first Islamic crypto exchange, which fully complies with Muslim standards. This is a truly unique project, a good company, a great product and great innovations.

I am very glad that I found this project. From my point of view, a very promising and necessary. Currently meets all modern requirements and has a large number of advantages!

Yes, ADAB is a great project, I believe that in the future it will enter the top ten. IEO ADAB is very successful and promising.

That's very good everything is going on time in this IEO. Also great there are still bonuses for participants. Cool project, I am proud to be associated with it in every sense. There is no much projects in the space right now that are better than ADAB

ADAB will revolutionize the cryptocurrency market at large as it happens to be the first cryptocurrency exchange that follows Sharia rule. This is a good project so get yours now

This is great news. ADAB has already launched its IEO and you have a great opportunity to join it right now. If you want to learn more about the features and benefits of the ADAB platform, then you must join the official site. Do not waste time - Act now!

This company's growth prospects! The future lies in blockchain technology and ambitiYous ideas!.

I'll be glad if Adab can also be listed on Binance and Kucoin IEO. The top two of major exchanges with lots of volume anyway will wait for an announcement maybe this exchanges will be interested on Adab as well.

It’s very exciting to expect, but it’s nice to see how ADAB Solutions is taking the right steps towards great success.

This is a wonderful project with a team that is available at all times to attend to all issues, great team

Security tokens are the future of cryptocurrencies as this will help minimize the loss made by crypto investors. The move by Adab solution to create an exchange that will allow a free and easy buying and selling of security tokens further places Adab solution team as one that is ready to disrupt the digital currency sector.

This project has good and strong team, predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected growth in both the campaign and your money invested

We are seeing huge growth! Very interesting and creative Start-UP! Hope everything will be nice and perspective, the company is gaining momentum and shows excellent results!

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