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Please note: when you buy tokens on Bit-M and Bit-Z exchanges in scales of IEO, you are guaranteed to receive a bonus of 15% from the purchase amount!

Sincerely, ADAB Solutions.


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15% bonus is very huge for any reasonable investor, I wish the team should work hard to sustain the price at the end of the IEO, let the adab make the difference

If you still have doubts about the reliability of the project, then just go to the site and read the news, white paper and talk to the team.

The experienced team of the project, which really understands the goals and ways to achieve them, pleases. Perspective project #ADAB, best alternative for major companies of the industry.

A very good bonus for such a project! I think everything will be very good!

Adab Solutions presents a unique project of the FICE (First Islamic Crypto Exchange).
This is the first exchange in the world that will fully comply with the requirements of Islam for the crypto investments of Muslims, and will be suitable for all people

If you are yet to buy, then this is the right time to do so that you will enjoy 15% discount

Nice to see how the development of the project. With this news begins a new life ADAB. I am sure that the project is waiting for success.

An amazing offer that anyone that plans to invest in this project needs to take advantage of.

Thank you for remind! This is very good oportunity. Who don't want to receive an extra tokens?

This is an awesome project that will help eradicate the barriers facing the cryptocurrency market at large.

Amazing! Very interesting and promising project. I believe in his success

Great opportunity for those who have not bought ADAB. A potential project with 15% bonus. Quickly buy it now.

So glad to know such an amazing project like Adad Solutions. With Adab solutions wide range of financial products and services.In most cases,they have some similarities to traditional financial services, since their main goalil is to promote investment by capital owners, and spark the interest of capital users.

Seriously waiting for Adab dApp. Features I had are very cool.

That is a big reward for community when they investment into ADAB solution now.

Great news! I am sure that a huge number of investors around the world are interested in participating in the project! I wish you tremendous results!

Investors have a great opportunity to buy ADAB tokens with 15% bonus. It very encouraging to investors. So don't miss that opportunity. Cheers

Such a huge bonus for the early birds. Grad yours now!

It includes a strong team, a great idea and a smooth work. I am sure that this company will soon become one of the leaders! #adabsolutions #IEO #ICO #ADAB #cryptocurrency #blockchain

A great opportunity and a good bonus for every customer, the platform is already gaining popularity and I hope the team will continue to develop the product!

Very good offer! I like your project and I like what you do. I wish success to the team!

I don't see any blockchain project other than ADAB Solutions so promising. Time to purchase tokens for a big return.

great bonus! do not miss this opportunity

The project has a great team and a lot of experience in this direction! I propose to provide the necessary support to the project. The project has the best ratings in all analytical reports!

Some investors are really looking forward to buy these tokens with a huge discounts and this is guys. 15%bonus is a massive discount that we should grab.

A great bonus for investors. Thank you we appreciate it.

i actually like that you holding IEo on reputable exchanges too. that matters a lot to me. i specially like Bit-Z.

Nice one its an advantage for IEO participants and we should take it a limited opportunity because i believe it will not last longer Adab tokens are sellin fast. so guys and everyone you better hurry now!

Successful development of the project depends largely on the team. If you look at the results of ADAB, it becomes clear that the project is waiting for complete success.

This Is A Very Good Bonus - 15% from the purchase amount. ADAB Solutions is One of the Best Blockchain Projects of 2019 and in the near future it will bring a Good Profit to Investors !.. #ADAB #adabsolutions #cryptocurrency #blockchain #IEO

I truly believe in what #AdaBSolution has to offer in Crypto Space. We need a faithful project that will rebuild the faith and confidence of the masses in Cryptocurrency and taking Blockchain/Cryptocurrency into the mainstream. Adab is operating in accordance with Islamic Principles of Finance. this will be a Game changer and am sure the Platform with high integrity of this class will attract lots of investors/User.

Now there is an opportunity to join ADAB on very attractive terms. When buying project tokens on the Bit-M & Bit-Z Exchanges, a 15% bonus will be awarded. An attractive option for those wishing to become part of an innovative project.

This is an awesome concept, I’m wishing you great success!I’m sure that this project will help a lot of people all over the World. And it is great! At last there is something usefull for people

Seriously waiting for Adab launch but I think 15% bonus is quite okay for any reasonable investor, I urge to sustain the price after listing.

What amount of coins will be around?

ADAB Solutions will adhere to documents and procedures, prepared on the basis of a serious analysis, that regulate the company's work with crypto assets in accordance with the norms of Sharia.


IEO is still on progress let's grab your changes to get 15 bonus before this offer ends

Thanks. I am sure that you will have excellent results. you have created an excellent platform for investors. That's cool.

I think this project will be successful. Your team is very strong and does everything wisely. Good team, good luck.

Time of great bonuses and successful IEO.

Bonus is very great to attract people to invest and I'm sure many people interested with this one!

I believe in the future that this project has. ADAB Solutions is the first IEO in the world. This makes this project very interesting and promising. I really hope this project is successful and attracts many investors to join this project.

The solidity of a project is dependent on the knowledge strength of the team, effect of product on the common man, and transparency.
Adab solution has all this features and I have no doubt that Adab solution is certainly the project of 2019

I think this is great news, get a 15% bonus when buying tokens on IEO. Moreover, the offer and the ADAB proposal is beyond competition, which means success for all participants is ensured. Do not miss this opportunity and be sure to join right now.

You have chosen a popular exchange with a large volume, this should have a good impact on the development of the project.

I'm sure that we all can earn a lot of money here, since this project has a huge potential for development, the team that works on this company is technically clever people !!!!

The project is credible after reading the documents and the site. The team is excellent, those documentation as well. As for the idea itself, it is relevant in our time.

#AdabSolution is a project with several important qualities that give me the confidence they are going to perform excellently well in the future. IEO is live on Bit-z and Bit-M Exchangers plus 15% Bonus on your purchase!. I will recommend this Project to everyone who cherish Quality Investment opportunity.. Dont miss it, its going to be very huge.

This project is a good and strong team, in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected growth in both the campaign and your money invested in it gives to assume that this project came to us one day. Definitely worth to participate.

Positive and successful project. Great idea and development team. The project goes to success and inspires confidence.

Very quality company. A good idea and a strong team, closely follow this project, and I believe that this startup will achieve their goals.

Modern Islamic economic model is one of the most dynamic of the modern economy, and is actively moving beyond Muslim countries

The project team has proposed effective monetization principles for its guaranteed-income developments for investors.

ADAB is a great project and I believe in it idea. He solve very big problems such as solve the problem of aligning crypto assets with the high moral and cultural values of Islam by creating a global cryptocurrency platform for both Muslims and the world at large!

Project recently gaining popularity on the Internet. Found an interesting option for investment - #ADAB.

Really cool project in the IEO market, decent functionality for work, convenient personal account. #ADAB offers an interesting standard for investors ' work and earnings.

In the world of high technology, business success depends not only on the size of the investment. A very important factor is the professionalism of marketers. How experienced and creative they are. The project marketing involved good professionals.

The greatest bonus of the greatest ADAB Solutions exchange. This is a bigger offer not to be missed. ADAB coins are sure to rise in price upon hitting exchanges.

The concept of "Islamic finance" is based on honesty, reliability and transparency, based on cultural and ethical principles of Sharia. This is a very good and interesting concept. As a Muslim, I fully support this project and pray for the best for this project.

That is a good news ! When investors and traders buy tokens on Bit-M and Bit-Z exchanges , they are able to with bonus 15% the purchase amount . I think many people will buy and hold ADAB tokens now so it is really a potential and a big reward for investors now.

Thank you for the nice bonuses for buying tokens, I think this is a great chance to seize the moment and buy some more coins

Such a powerful and popular project has not yet been. It's an amazing idea. Don't miss !!!

Wow!! Why i will not invest here where bonus is waiting for me.

For ADAB to lunch it's IEO in two different exchange shows how serious and focused the team are. There will be a great success.

I love the fact that Bit-M and Bit-Z were chosen. Both offer decent platform interfaces with simplicity and ease to users. Adab solutions will do well on both platforms once listed.

The ADAB Solutions FICE project is unique, with good potential to attract traders to its platform, thanks to excellent technical solutions, favourable conditions and transparency of the business.

Security tokens are the future of cryptocurrencies as this will help minimize the loss made by crypto investors. The move by Adab solution to create an exchange that will allow a free and easy buying and selling of security tokens further places Adab solution team as one that is ready to disrupt the digital currency sector.

If I were the investors I doubled my investment. Can we used different account? For example, another family member account so we can maximize the bonuses for this? I like the bonus adab offering very well generous for their investors.

First round of IEO on IDAX exchange was successfully completed in 4 hours and other big exchanges next week, Bit-Z exchange and BitForex exchange. OMG, a very wonderful news for all of us.

no doubt Adab is going to the moon because they are well organized, join them to success today

I see good prospects for the project. I will recommend to my friends about you, it will be very interesting for them! #ADAB #adabsolutions #ieo #ico #cryptocurrency #blockchain #exchange

Adab Solutions is no doubt among the most promising crypto projects of 2019! Better not to miss this out!

Grab this opportunity of getting 15 % bonus on the purchase of ADAB tokens on two good exchanges, Bit-M and Bit-Z exchanges. The ADAB is one of the best projects in crypto market.

ADAB Solutions looks a cool and unique project which follows the principles of Sharia. The project has achieved huge achievements in a short period of time.

Adab solution is very interesting project in the field crypto currency exchange. it is first project that is based on the muslim priciple .it is the right time to invest in this project

A good project and on that side has a strong team. I am sure this project will quickly succeed and reach the peak of good success hurry to join here this is a good project!

This is a project with several important qualities that give me the confidence they are going to perform excellently well in the future. IEO is live on Bit-z and Bit-M Exchangers plus 15% bonus on your purchase. I will recommend this project to everyone who cherish quality investment opportunity. Dont miss it, its going to be very huge.

The project is very promising, interesting and necessary for society. The company should bring enough benefits to the world. I want to be a part of this event, I would like more people to know and join it.

ADAB Solutions the first IEO to hit $1M within 4hrs. This shows how interesting and promising the project is. The success has attracts many investors. This project is also backed with excellent and experienced team, it concept is outstanding.

A good project with an IEO sales system that is currently booming. Hopefully, the sales of the Token Token can be successful.

AdabSolution project has a transparent developmental plan, good prospects and a reliable security ecosystem. It has potential to yied fast significant income for the investors.Dont miss this rare investment opportunity.. IEO is Live!!! Join us now : #IEO #Blockchain #Crypto

This project is amazing and lovely in every sense. I am glad I am a part of it right now and will continue to support it for a long time to come

The project would have more dominance in the crypto space , because its outstanding features and unique concepts . looking forward to future developments. I advise everyone to join.#IEO #ico #ADAB

ABAD is getting progress and it has already reached its soft cap. It will be listed on five exchanges after May 25. Hurry up to purchase ADAB tokens on time.

Take advantage of this bonus and get the token at a much cheaper rate

#Adab solution is a great project with new concepts inside and has a good team behind

The both exchanges are top notch and they are certainly the best place to conduct your IEO as they are backed by a very good number of traders

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