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The use of the internet has increased vastly with technology every day. However, the most significant uprising of the internet began with the entrance of eCommerce. It has recognized as one of the biggest revolutions on the internet because the E-commerce is a multi-trillion dollars market. The e-commerce industry has changed the way of buying and selling as we know it is done in the 21st century. Now people can purchase nearly anything on the internet without leaving the comfort of their homes, from their basic daily needs like groceries, clothing to bigger and more sophisticated products.

Over the previous decade, E-commerce has assumed a fundamental part of our lives. However, clients are still experienced with issues of cost, protection, and security. Since then the use of cryptocurrency has spread throughout the world and has even been used for everyday life, and it addresses most of the security issues in our life, now it is time to combine both eCommerce and cryptocurrency to address the current problems, this is where AIGO comes to play.

What is AIGO?

AIGO is decentralised payment network that will eradicate countless intermediaries, each of which does not carry the too powerful financial burden. At the same time, AIGO developers want to release their network card with which users can participate in various financial transactions, as well as have unprincipled access to any terminals and processing of funds provided.

In simple terms, AIGO is a platform that facilitates the use of cryptocurrency in the business world. AIGO built a payment system with flexibility and ease of use of credit cards for blockchain technology. This is very necessary in the business world.AIGO is a solution developed by a professional team designed using a special contract chain that regulates transaction behaviour. The AIGO system enables external companies to be able to build additional services using a smart contract system and at the same time, contribute to advancing the AIGO ecosystem.
Credit cards are the most common and widely used method for making payments online today. Blockchain is innovative because it must be integrated with credit card payments so that blockchain-based payment solutions become successful. By doing this, current credit and debit card users will have the same convenience to make payments on all digital platforms even in a safer, transparent and more economical system that is supported by the Blockchain.

AIGO provides services that embrace various crypto networks, AI payments are connected directly with retail owners, without experiencing intermediaries, AIGO builds a payment system by connecting credit cards and blockchain technology, this will include broad flexibility regarding payments, currently, the needs of the business system world complete payment, unite with AIGO which expands your payment options. With AIGO, will end time when buyers and traders must pay high tariffs when making and redeeming payments and converting in various flats at high exchange rates.AIGO is designed to create the best experience for its users with all on-chain and off-chain components. This is a core aspect of the AIGO ecosystem which brings together a revolutionary e-commerce payment gateway.

AIGO Components

  1. AIGO-Chain

A flexible and customizable AI payment chain, a unique smart contract.

  1. AIGO-Card

Payment system using an ATM card this system allows fiat withdrawals and bill payments at no cost.

  1. AIGO-Wallet

An intuitive, user-friendly dashboard, which displays information such as the user's wallet, such as balances, transaction history, etc.

  1. AIGO-Store

A marketplace which allows users to buy goods quickly and efficiently way.


The founders of the project have developed their own economic token for aigo platform. The token itself is developed in cooperation with the modified version of ERC-20 smart contract. Moreover, the token AIGO has a light and flexible characteristics of the Protocol that allows you to track all of the tracks of transactions within the system.

Final word

Without a doubt, the goals of AIGO developers are quite ambitious with the real-world application. Because this project has succeeded in achieving its goals, we can see that the success of AIGO project is not far away. This means it is time to get to know the plan and identify strengths.

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