SERO - The World's First Truly Privacy Protection Platform for Decentralized Application

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Everyone deserves a right to their privacy, this is something that is of great importance to every human being, and this right can not be overemphasized. We all need privacy because it is not worth disclosing all the data about us to the public. There is some data about our life and companies that are worthy of being discreet and anonymous to the outside world, so privacy and confidentiality are what every human need is.

The innovative blockchain technology and its decentralized currency that has been with us for more than a century now seems to have some deep alternatives to this, but the sad truth that we have had to face is that the first, second and third generation of blockchain protocols do not have impressive characteristics that will be able to safeguard their users ' privacy adequately.

Monero and Zcash's creation brought some relief, but the truth is that both of them don't have a comprehensive solution to the privacy issue because they don't support smart contracts that don't make their platform business idea by restricting their utility. But as they are, we now have a solution in our hands, and Sero brought this solution.

What is SERO

SERO is a blockchain platform that intends to discover alternatives to the problems of user identity privacy, user account privacy, financial data, and other private blockchain network data. With Sero blockchain platform, decoding information about it by analyzing the publicly available information records on the blockchain network will be a thing of the past for any bad actor.

As a consequence, the SERO chain, and create their own privacy scheme, increases the use of blockchain frameworks extraordinarily. Below are some typical usage scenarios:

1.Supply Chain System

The blockchain can address the problem of upstream and downstream exchange vouchers and discernibility of the supply chain structure, disrupt the administration of key supply chain and provide detailed responses to upstream and downstream efforts funding. In any case, delicate information, e.g., prices and quantity of merchandise, when on the blockchain they face the problem of leaking competitive innovations. With the SERO framework, the issue of introducing trade secrets can be fully understood, and the benefits of using the blockchain framework can be appreciated in the meantime by the participating meetings.

2.Medicinal Health

Digital privacy occurs throughout the restorative and wellness (medical and health) industries. From individual medicinal documents to recovery records of treatment, multi-job privacy assurance and approval schemes involve extraordinarily adaptable and safe privacy capabilities including hospitals, patients, insurance agencies, pharmaceutical organizations, etc. The SERO framework tackles the privacy issues looked by patients and clinics, and furthermore opens the route for insurance agencies and pharmaceutical organizations to be securely consistent and utilize essential information with the authorization of patients.

3.Online Auction

Online sales organizations are searching for decency, offer privacy is a critical angle, and is often difficult to obtain due to conflicting interests. SERO can provide a fully protected, independent, and sensible condition of the offer.

4.Online Casino

The centralization tool has reliably restricted the enhancement of the online casino sector. Online gambling club usage frequently requires a high amount of confidentiality certainty for the method of the contestant. In these colossal income applications, the decentralized smart contract frameworks that can give various offers, payment, and settlement is required, and the SERO framework can ultimately bolster this sort of business.

5.Internet / Online Gaming

Massive web recreation on a regular scale requires token frameworks that are anything but not hard to flow, exchange and settle, and can be given and run on smart contracts while protecting the privacy of transactions. SERO is the primary specialized solutions supporting a multi-touch structure that issues and distributes homomorphic smart contracts, including record privacy transactions.

SERO Token and Usage

A utility token has been developed by the SERO team that will serve as the primary engine for driving the SERO ecosystem, and SERO token will serve many aims such as:

  1. Payment for reward and incentives for bookkeeping.
  2. Those involved in the growth of the society will be awarded SERO
  3. SERO will be used on the SERO platform to pay those who provide algorithms as incentives for their services.

SERO Team and Leaders


More companies are involved in digital assets and sophisticated assets sensitive to privacy, such as insurance, product trading, future trading, credit, digital resource trading, etc. SERO framework has broad implementation opportunities in these areas.

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