Deep State Modified Report Released, Next Phase DECLAS It All - Episode 1592b

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IG report is out with redactions, this is not the full report, this is the modified report. POTUS has the power to DECLAS the entire report. The corporate media left out important texts from Strzok and Page. Merkel is in trouble with her immigration policy. Pentagon and South Korea confirm the drills will come to and end. Military commanders from Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran meet in Baghdad. Assad points the finger at the west, they are the invading force in Syria. Q drops more posts, these new bread crumbs tell us that the IG report is the modified version and POTUS has the full report.


Thanks again, Dave. I am listening.

It's amazing you know, I know . There is a whole rest of the country that have no clue. Deep state is huge so many. A slow go ,got to be patient. We go one we go all.

Thanks Dave, Good posts.

When the bank breaks they better bailout the people .