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Can you guess which animal is most commonly tattooed incorrectly on people?

Tattoos are among the things that can haunt you long into the future. Since I'm kind of an "animal guy" I sometimes notice things... like when people get inaccurate tattoos. Here is a short video that I made about the matter.



Since this little spider has venom more than 10X stronger than that of a rattlesnake, they've made quite a name for themselves. Though they are rarely fatal for humans, they are still dangerous, and a lot of people must think that getting a tattoo of a Black Widow is pretty "tough."

"Tough" as they may seem, when you get one tattooed upside down, it could also look "ignorant." You see, while the female of the species does have the trademark red hourglass on it, it is not on its back. Rather, the red hourglass appears on the underside of the spider, not the back.

If the spider was to be tattooed accurately, it would look more like this, or maybe even completely black on the back. I'm not sure why I thought of this recently, but most likely it has been the periodical Black Widows that I have been encountering lately. Because they can be found worldwide on many continents, I guess I thought that more people would be aware. However, I've seen enough inaccurate tattoos to know better.

Trust me, I won't be getting any more tattoos, but if I was going to get a black widow tattooed on me, it would look like this, and not have a red hourglass inaccurately tattooed on its back.

I was planning on having some real photos of a black widow in this post, but it got away during the video... oh well.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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This is more common than just black widows...

Sadly many people don't do any homework on the tattoo "artist" they choose and many times money outweighs artistic merit.

I grew up playing with black widows. They were EVERYWHERE around the property, hiding in all the dark spots. You get used to them and I have never been bitten by one. This after spending years actually poking at them and playing with them. The true look of the black widow is solid black. You only see the red marking when the spider is upside down in its web. At least the west coast ones.

We have two versions here. Some are all black on the back, like yours, and the rest look like the one in the video.

Spider may be.
Red mark in the belly side.

I used to be scared of black widows, where I'm from they're black on top, usually with the red hourglass underneath. After spending years around them I realized they're pretty chill, they don't even move around much. You can pretty much count on them to hang out in one spot and kill bugs for you.

best post @papa-pepper

Hey man, did you sharpie those spiders? I don't see a lot of black widows around here but a lot of spider webs on elbows. Means you have done time. Or were tough enough to go to jail once......i dunno......

Yeah, just a quick sharpie job.

Good, cause I was gonna suggest you fire your tattoo guy....

Ok I have never been in a tatoo place or had a tatoo. But your black widow spider looks like it was drawn on with markers, Why do I say that is because you give a child a marker and they will draw on them self.


One of my friends recently got a black widow tattoo...fortunately, they are an entomologist!

So I see! Yeah, I've seen some accurate ones myself.

wow, haha I love the tattoos, but it is true many times people tattoo it incorrectly, but you have it great, very good video and very funny, I said a lot, good job! buddy @papa-pepper

Wow , very nice tattoo. Papa-pepper

Great post you nailed it when where you said you've seen enough inaccurate tattoos,cause i've seen and thought of that too but since i'm yet to have one,it kept me mute always!!!

its not a dumb tattoo it a black widow laying on its back sunbathing , or maybe a dead one cos some one with a tattoo just nailed its ass , yeah wonder if any one has a steem tattoo yet , that would be really dumb ass , stupid

Careful, I've seen a few steem tattoos in my time here!

thats sad , but i suppose its better than have chicken fried rice tattooed on you in chinese characters , but not much

I have a buddy that has a piece of fried chicken tattooed on his arm. If you ask him about it he just says he really likes fried chicken.

wow well at least hes keepin it real , and not flowering it up , i cant think of any food i like enough to have it tattooed on me , maybe beans on toast ??

Well dam, thought I was the only one who was ticked off by the "upside down tattoo" phenomenon. Perhaps more accurately, I refer to it as "on glass, from below" view. Thank you for making me feel less OCD about the issue. Another one you may not have noticed is the unnatural mirror image of animals with distinctive stripes or markings (tigers or lions with perfect symmetrical markings or manes). Although I select not to bring it to the attention of the person tagged, because if you don't got something nice to say... well you know.

As to the second question, does the impression of someone being ignorant give them the appearance of being tougher. I'd say yes, and even go as far as to say, it's not just an appearance thing but an observation more often than not being true. Ignorance often results in not be aware of consequences, and with such an absences of fear, who wouldnt' be?
Well that's my 2 cents.

This is great! hahah! shedding light on the ignorance one post at a time! @papa-pepper ! Epic stuff dude!

A tattoo is the closest I would want to get to a Black Widow. I respect all spiders. Not afraid mind you. When I find one in my house I catch and release outside.

Good point! ... the artist messed up on mine (not a spider) and I was too 'nice' to say anything... but, as a result, I kinda fit this. However, no one will take me as looking tougher for it. LOLOLOL

LOL! I had some issues in the past too!

:) sorry to hear it, hope they're more entertaining issues than anything.

Just messed up tattoos.

That was that black widow only had red color?

Great video,all of your articles are fully supported..

excellent information @papa-pepper !

We have plenty of black widows here... I think a misspelled word is worse

Lol, but people don't pick misspelled words off the wall to have tattooed.

True. But it happens :) or rather :(

Spacing can be an issue too. I know a guy who tried to get "THUG LIFE" tattooed on him, but it got spaced wierd and looked like "I HUG LIFE" because of how the T looked too.

I saw a young kid once at a county fair, just got a HD tat, and damn the artwork was great, but it was spelled Harley Davison, instead of Harley DaviDson. The Tat artist did it on purpose, prob because the kid was pretty much a smart az punk. I showed it to him at the place where they had all the Harley mirrors etc. he freaked out, I was lmao !

That is a great mistake!! Love it! Maybe it turned him away from the thug life and he started to hug life instead! Healthier in the long run I would think. :)

@papa-pepper amazing tatto, this spidertatto
let me Resteem this post

I wish I was tattooed on her skin. XD
Very nice post, every day you make it harder to dethrone

I only think tattoos are a problem when they are in a language/dialect that is completely foreign to the person being inked... and they have no earthly idea whether their tattoo says "Justice and Truth" or "Eat at Joes".

I've got a few on my stomach... Told they say "insane snake" but I can't read Chinese.

Really great tats, imho IF the person that has them are serious about the meanings and persue the "virtues"
The Seven Virtues of Bushido

Wow , very nice tattoo, spider...

Very cool, thanks for educating me! I won't be getting any tatoos, but I might be identifying a spider!

a tattoo that looks good on a young person.
...might not look so good on that same person fifty years later.

This was a very interesting post. I didn't know much about Black Widows or ever seen one. But now I have thanks to you. They are actually really neat. Thanks for sharing all these awesome videos and posts, I really enjoy it and always learn something from you.

Shouldn't the legs be much longer with more joints?
I think longer legs will make the tattoo look even cooler.

Tough Guys
sun divider.png
Hold a black widow on a little piece of bark. Whoa!

Almost dropped it on myself too!

very good post, my friend please visit my blog.

Does being ignorant make me look tougher thinking

Works for Trump followers laughing my head off

Sorry a lot of y'all were thinking it

But I love me some big poppa pepper though kiss and hugz

Don't follow me btw yall leave me alone lmao that Sharpee tat looks better than some real tattoos I've seen. smh lol

Too much information on spider :p
But you're right, the tattoos are inaccurate (most of the times) . My brother is a tattoo artist and people are always coming to our house asking for weird tattoos and animal faces, I seriously don't understand the reasons they have

Does admitting ignorance make you ignorant? Not in my estimation.

Does seeking to rid yourself of ignorance absolve you of it? Eventually!

I don't regert (hehe) any of my tattoos even though some are fairly hypocritical by todays standards.


Oh no. I am really really scared of any kinds of spiders. I cringe when I saw the tattoo. Haha. arachnophobia it is.

Ive seen some pretty bad tattoos that's for sure. I joke with friends at the gym that a few tattoos can add 50 lbs to your bench. Same with a beard which definitely makes you stronger! I should know!


Yeah, you look stronger there!

Nice tatoo sir. Interesting post.

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"proof-i'm-not-ignorant" haha. I see lots of inaccurate tattoos. They crack me up. I've never seen a black widow with the dots on the back. In KY, they are just shiny black. We have lots of them around here but not as many as the brown recluse. I've been bit twice by one of those fellas and it was not pleasant. Well, the first time was horrible and the second not so bad.

i would get a tattoo some day

I'm afraid with that kind of tattoo...

I have a thing for dragons and they actually mean something to me which is a plus since they look awesome anyway! My very first dragon tat was put on backawards! A dragon tat is supposed to be facing forward but the idiot that done mine, put it facing back. I didn't know any better at the time (I was pretty young) until a credible artist told me about it. When I was made aware of it, I recall what the idiot said that day that shows he knew he messed up. He said "If anybody says anything about it looking backwards, tell them it's watching your back". The tat is on my upper arm on the side and is not visible with a shirt on. Since then, I had a different artist spruce it up some so it wouldn't look so bad. I would love to see some black widow photos! Don't want to see any around or in my house but on my phone is okay :)

I don't like them but I'm intrigued by them, kinda like snakes. Everything in life has a purpose, well almost everything.


It's amazing what scares some people and to others it's nothing. For me, I can enter a dwelling knowing that an armed subject is inside wanting to do me harm, or I can go chasing an armed subject in to the woods at night with no backup and be totally fine and composed with it BUT, if you were to put that thing on me, I would probably scream like a lil school girl lol!

Personally I've avoided tattoos but I do admire the tattoo articts very much. This is an interesting comment thanks. It's all personal choice when it comes down to it. I've never thought about the "macho" angle!

is this a permanent tattoo or just a temporary papa?
it seems like this tattoo you fit in the chest on the left or on the back let me look fierce😂 @papa-pepper

Another classic boo boo is the Anchor with or without the rope, the top crossbar is at right angles to the bottom flukes.
In the services quite often people would wake up the next day and wonder why their arm hurt so much, and then ask the silliest question" Was I that drunk last night?"

You make a great point & also the fact of tatoos are permanent 😉 oh and dont forget koifish once😉 Or snakes ha ha
Great video and text😀💗

Haha I never realized that before! Well caught there @papa-pepper!

Answer: No, acting, looking or being Ignorant doesn't make anyone look tougher, stupid, yes ! imho, lol
very cool, a jar works great btw !

Oh man, this is so scarry.When you handle this kind of things do you have some anti-venin on you?What would you do if that thing bites you?

Maybe it's because I live in the (relatively) Frozen North, but this is not a tattoo that I have ever seen. But we spend a fair amount of time bundled up, so I don't see a lot of tattoos in general 😂

Can I already bid on 1 Steemit card from you.. would love to have one.. these will be rare in the near future.. Let me know what we can arrange ;-)

Autographed, or without?

Oops, off course I forgot that important part.. authographed would be my ticket to the tropics... but if there will be a limited edition and china will not copy it then I can do without, lol... but anyhow if you really have them I would be pleased.. I hope I was the first one to ask you ;-)

You were the first to ask. Not sure how soon I'll be able to get some, so please watch and remind me when you see them in hand.

I will. I hope @kus-knee will ship them soon..

Love spider, in a jar away from hands and fingers...Cool tattoo. When does the marker wear off? I just see it now...the little peppers with various coloured markers under a tree busily tattooing one another...

Nice video - the black widow demystified! The media here in the Uk has been getting twitchy about false widow spiders so I guess it's lucky we don't get black widows. Zoological inaccuracy makes me twitch.......I'd have to tell them their tattoo was wrong......or walk away quickly. I'm biting my tongue even thinking about it. 😄

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"Can you guess which animal is most commonly tattooed incorrectly on people?"

No, and I didn't even realise the question interested me until now! Great leftfield post.

I saw some shocking amateur (and pro) tattoos while in the Army although as dreadful as they look there was often a lot more meaning to them than the prettier, top pro, ones.

The first to surprise me was a fellow recruit in training who (himself ex tattoo artist) had decided to get a smurf tattoed on his penis!

An NCO who had a really bad outline of his bones tatted sticks in the memory and also another who had drunkenly carved his dad's name onto his chest after he died. The more standard ones celebrating/commemerating op tours and lost friends also tended to be quite simple and raw.

That was a cool video...although I have to admit I thought she was going to get you a couple times during it...especially when she fell off the piece of bark.

Glad you are safe and sound. :D Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome day! :D

Just got back from Wal-Mart....