What Sorcery Is This???? The Coffer Illusion: How Many Circles Do you See?

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coffer illusion.jpg

1st time viewers to this illusion will have a difficult time "finding" the circles in the image.

I love to look at illusions from time to time. It reminds me that the brain has a built in ...um....operating system... that has been developed throughout evolution and bias that you have developed through experience.

If you are an analyst studying a problem, or just a average joe/jane making their way through life, it's always a good idea to slow down and to remember not to jump to quick conclusions.

slow down funny.jpg

Cool tidbits:

  • This is a variant to a type of illusion called "Op Art illusion"

  • A coffer is a sunken/recessed panel. The squares you see in the image look like sunken door panels.

  • Optical illusions work on your brain's developed efficiency to rapidly take shortcuts in order to identify things quickly. Example of brain working with color: "lateral Inhibition."

Still unable to see the circles???

Say so in the comment and i'll write a helpful trick.

If you think you can overcome your brain's current operating system then don't cheat by reading the comment section!!

However I'm interested in knowing if this was your first time seeing this illusion and you were able to see the circles without reading the trick.



16 circles..But really I like this illusion it's quite little difficult..nic

Nice Distraction, Thanks

took about 3 seconds to 'see' :)

I showed it to a friend and he couldn't see it even after I pointed it out.

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  1. Mind explaining me how this was meant to be hard?

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Now all I can see are circles. 16 of them. @ironshield

Really Good Post!
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Haha took me a minute. Very good illusion pic. Asked my 4 year old if he could see the circles. Blew my mind when he instantly started pointing them out. Very excellent eyesight on him!

Not surprised about your 4 year old. Their brains aren't fully "wired" like ours are. Thanks for sharing!

Wasn't thinking about that. But indeed they are.

Unfocusing my eyes a little always helps me see the dual image in illusions like this. I like it. This is a good one! Thanks for the share :)