Yeah, it's posted! Hurray!


Ah, ah! Those kitties are so damn cute! Lovely work! :-D
Can't wait for the new edition of the app. I've been using it, at home. Not on my phone, though... as I have a Windows Phone.

Yeah, me too! Wow, you have a rare Windows Phone :) I thought nobody use it these days. eSteem Mobile is working on iOS and Android only unfortunately. But you can use eSteem Surfer as well it's a desktop application working on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

I have an Android, too. But I really don't like it. Windows Phone is light years ahead and maybe that's why people didn't get used to it. It's just too damn futuristic for the majority of the population.

Thanks for using eSteem!
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Happy to see you again in another part of the world :)

I wish I could to meet you again too but I am not coming this time unfortunately :) I hope you will make a lot of photos from the fest so I can enjoy it as well!

Yo @Dunsky, I wanted to share with you my band @digitallanguage we are about to release our newest music, My best friend Vital Deshawn is the lead singer and he will be sharing his journey on Steemit as a independent singer/songwriter. We would love your feedback and support let me know what you think!!

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaay 🎉🎈🎂🎁🍷
I love these cute cats 😻😄😁👌👍👍