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What is an exchange platform?

If you are new to cryptocurrency world, blockchain world, you should know that there are many exchange platforms where you can create your account and use the platform to trade and hold your cryptocurrencies, since cryptocurrencies have monetary value, we can say that exchanges are your digital wallets where you can store your money or use it for trading options. Also there are different options to store your 'money'.

One of the easiest way to transfer your cryptocurrencies is through the wallets you create on a exchange platforms.
To sign up on your exchange platform Huobi click here

What is Huobi?

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, where you can easily create your account and you can make deposits in order to start trading, also you can buy cryptocurrency easily with your visa/master card.

To buy crypto click here.
Than enter the amount with $ you want to buy, it will immediately tell how much bitcoin you will get in return of the amount you will pay;


After that you can search an option to continue for the payment and fill out the information of your visa/mastercard;


To be able to use Huobi you need to have an account first, so here are the steps you can follow to create your account;

Step 1: Click here
Step 2:

Fill out the necessary information's
Step 3: Once you log in it is important to get the Google Authentication for security reasons


How to trade on Huobi?
Trading on Huobi can be done through the market;
There are many markets available on Huobi Global.
Besides normal cryptocurrency markets, Huobi since its also a research platform, it has many more options, which is for people with more experience, where they can get benefit from additional features.

Huobi Global Applications: IOS and Android


Scan to download for IOS:


Scan to download for Android:


I have joined on Huobi a long time ago, account creation for me was problem due to missing of the number of my country, this happens in many accounts when trying to sign up unfortunately.
But once I managed to create my account, I like the security of the platform, thus I believe it is not easy to be hacked as it may happen in other exchanges. Besides that the options or the features which Huobi has, it may be an exchange platform with the most features. I believe those features are truly great for real traders. But not understandable for minnows or newbies, it may seem to be complex. I think that Huobi needs to have a YouTube channel explaining through videos what the features are and how people can get benefit from. Maybe they have a huge benefit for its users, but people do not know how valuable they are. So I would like to see some explanative videos towards the features like what are the differences between the accounts types since there are many account types, how the wealth management works, what are derivatives and how do they work and so on.

I would like to see a faster Huobi because it takes time until the values or exchange rates are loading, I dont believe it is because of my internet connection, but because of the servers, which we have a long distance.


I do believe that Huobi is really for professional traders that know finance, but its not for people that are trading with small amounts of money.

Everything has its first step, make sure you put your first step and start your journey into trading and learning towards cryptocurrencies.


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Thank you very much for this detailed information, about how to create an account in Huobi and how to buy cryptocurrencies. I have not used this Huobi platform, but your article has helped me to know it a little more.

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