IMO Platform: An Edge Over IEO

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The IMO Private Placement Platform is a highly revolutionary crypto exchange cum Presale platform that offers most needed solution to both the blockchain project and the investors.
Usually, every blockchain project requires funding at one point or the other in it's developmental stages to finance its growth and achieve its aims but due to influx of scam projects, investors are wary of putting in funds. As a result of this, genuine projects find it difficult or almost impossible to get funds and investors are saddled with idle funds, hence both parties suffer.
In recent times, some crypto exchanges have taken up IEO as against the traditional ICO, in essence, allowing blockchain projects to raise funds on their exchange while listing there, simultaneously. While this has helped in some ways, it didn't solve the problem of differentiating scam from genuine projects hence investors are still being scammed.

The IMO Solution
IMO ecosystem offers to carry out private placements for thoroughly screened and vetted projects. During the placement period, investors are allowed to monitor the progress of the development stages so as to know whether to invest or not. This way, genuine blockchain projects can raise funds easily and investors get the chance to invest with only serious projects guaranteed to give returns.
Unlike the IEO, IMO Ecology provides a very transparent platform where investors can monitor the progress of their chosen projects. This also ensures the project development team are kept in their feet and spurred to deliver their goals as the funding the receive depends on the milestones accomplished. Blockchain projects on the IMO Private Placement Platform are privately funded and the fundings come in batches and may take 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or even longer as the case may be.
Also, unlike the IEO, IMO has some mechanisms put in place to guard against loss of invested funds on the part of the investor, while it also expects the investor to do its own private due diligence before deciding to partake in any Presale of any privately listed project on IMO.
IMO Ecology Platform has a dedicated stable token called the USDO that is used to buy token presales on the platform. The USDO is already trading on the IMO platform and it's also the token for rewards.

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