IMO will replace IEO? Overview of IMO Ecosystem!

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Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I wrote reviews on cryptocurrency projects. Now I shoot videos more and more, I have no time to write articles.
But the IMO Ecosystem project really interested me and I decided to tell as many people about it as possible! In short, this is a platform for IMO - Initial Model Offering. As you know, ICO used to be very popular, last year IEO gained popularity, but now there is interest in it the fundraising process is fading. So IMO will probably replace IEO!

There are a number of significant differences in this model of project financing:

  1. Fundraising is carried out in several rounds, there can be a lot of them - 50–300 or more.
  2. Limit every round of a small, from 1.5 thousand$ until 20 thousand$, mostly sum oscillates in district 3.5–4.5 thousand$
  3. for each participant, the maximum purchase limit is strictly limited. This is done in order to minimize various manipulations with the exchange price of tokens.
  4. Tokens are unlocked not immediately after purchase, but only after some time. However, part of the funds can be obtained immediately if you have invited partners. About this will tell more below.

Projects are funded to the extent of its development. If the team really works and achieves certain success-receives funding. This method of financing designed to protect investors ' funds. The IMO Ecosystem team States that it strictly selects projects to be placed on its platform. At the moment everything is going according to plan: rounds are held, investors buys tokens.

IMO token, metrics.
The platform has its own token - IMO token. IMO rounds are also held regularly for him. At the moment 37 round are being held, there will be 365 in total. There is a limit on the sale both in each round and in general. One investor can buy in each round no more than 100 thousand IMO tokens, and in the amount of a maximum of 1 million IMO tokens.
In total, 5 billion IMO tokens will be issued. Of these, 2 billion will be sold during IMO, and 3 billion will be mined during mining. IMO tokens will be unlocked when under the following conditions: the price of the token will reach 1 USDT, or when all 365 rounds of token sales are over. Interesting metrics, isn't it?
All information about the IMO token can be found at this link:

Mining and Co-partnership System
When you buy tokens, the mining process will begin. Tokens received from mining you can freely sell on the exchange. The IMO Fund will buy back some of these tokens, thus pushing the price up.
But the most interesting is waiting for active partners. Those who not only buy IMO tokens, but also will invite partners - will receive excellent dividends at the time of unlocking tokens.
50% of the most active partners will enjoy the following benefits:

  • will receive 50% dividends from the proceeds of the exchange Commission
  • IMO Fund will redeem tokens 5 to 660 times when the unlock period comes
  • they will have an opportunity to invest more funds in promising projects.

In addition, the affiliate program has other advantages:

  1. For the invited partner of level 1, 5% of bonus tokens + 5% of the bonus in the form of USDM token are unlocked (exchanged 1 to 1 for a USDT token)
  2. 2% bonus tokens + 2% bonus in the form of USDM token are unlocked for the invited partner of level 2.
    Full terms and conditions can be found here:

Well, that's all the information I wanted to share with you! If this information was useful for you and you are interested in the IMO Ecosystem project, I will be grateful to you, if you register using my affiliate link:

in-app registration:
registration on exchange:

author of review:;u=1855386

Thank you for your attention. everyone good and faith in crypto!


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