The "real" aantonop

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I've never contributed to Steem, at least so far.

But there are people impersonating me, who are reposting my work and earning Steem on my behalf.

This post is to confirm that @aantonop on Steem is the "real" aantonop.

Here's proof tied to some of my other accounts:

Github, where I write my books:


Please do not give your money to scammers.


-- Andreas


Andreas! I'm so happy to see you here. I know there's a lot of FUD around STEEM, but please give it a chance and dig in to find the real value that exists here both in DPOS and in the community. You and I have been been tweeting back and forth since 2013 and that whole time I've been waiting for the killer app for cryptocurrency mass-adoption. I think STEEM is making that happen with Steemit, DTube, DLive, DMania, and more. Once Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) launch, it's only going to get even bigger.

Please, as a cryptocurrency and blockchain educator, bring your content to the STEEM blockchain. So many people have benefitted from your efforts over the years, and I'd love to see your content get rewarded here.

If you're open to it, I'd love to do a video call with you sometime where we could talk more about DPOS and STEEM and your thoughts about it.

Also, you may want to contact @noisy about the rewards on the @andreas-m-videos account. It's described as non-profit, so I imagine he'd like to know your thoughts on the rewards there. You can see his full post here.


Andreas @aantonoop maybe there is a way soon for accounts like yours to get some sort of "verified" check like on twitter so that the low lifes can't steal your identity...

the thought crossed my mind after I read your message...

No, in an open, decentralized system no one should have the authority to verify accounts. Steemit Inc does not own the blockchain.

I like this idea. Better yet if some type of QR code lived in it for 2FA on scan it might be really hard or impossible to duplicate?

Google authenticator 2FA?

Completely agree with that. THat will be cool!

Yeah, it would not be a bad thing if celebrities could get a verification by Steemit Inc like they can get on Twitter.

Yea that may have to be a real thing. It's a good idea

Steemians are crypto enthusiasts who create a new social community in the cryptocurencies sphere. This is the future, social apps based on users interests, and i belive that Steemit will be the biggest social app for crypto-enthusiasts, because it gives motivation... It motivates us to create good content, helpful content for the community, and to create a big community around cryptocurencies, and the most motivating aspect Steemit is giving us, is the fact that we get paid for our work, for our content, for our inspiration for others Steemians. I think Steemit is the next twitter for cryptoenthusiasts.

Steemian= Crypto Enthusiast
We are the true community of crypto kids
We build a place where is impossible to succeed without knowledge
Here we take good care of the people that are valuable, as you are.

I wish this were more true. But I am saddened to find that Steemit suffers from various syndicates of people who do nothing but upvote each other's low-quality posts in a mad scramble for pennies.

it will be give it time and a constant growing number (% of demographic will give quality)

Do you bit give & go discover talent, they don't give 10 SBD for talent discovery per post for nothing check @curie

also give yourself time, you are still new here

build your feed with a few hundred quality posters

We came in the same time so welcome @markhu, go read my suggestions below you really need to use some networking tips to get your post found

Listen to @dj123. He (I’m pretty sure it’s a he) is a perfect example of the type of person Steemit need some and wants.

When DJ finds content he truly values, he supports it, and supports it hard.

And he may get some curation rewards out of it, but with the amount of time he spends actually reading and now interacting with content, the payday isn’t likely to be large in the short term.

Long-term, though, if creators who work hard fondness curators who work hard, that can be a beautiful partnership that will pay off, emotionally and likely financially, over the long hall.

So yeah, listen to what he says, I promise you’ll only be better for it.

(I’m not at all here to shill my writing but I figure it’s on topic about creating content on here and not worrying about what other people, including the ones who are Steemit wealthy...its in my blog, I’m not going to lick to it because I’m not a real estate agent handing out cards are the bar in Cheesecske Factory...check it out if you want thoug, I think it’s worth the quick read. It’s not anything revolutionary but just a good reminder to create for yourself, and in that way you’ll be adding a litmus if value to our lives and our community.

You can take some comfort that because your content is so good and accurate, others feel inspired to try make money from it. In a nutshell this is a good judge of ones value in the market when people impersonate them.

Thanks for making things clear.

i can see how creative you are. just keep it up.

"With great power comes great responsibility". The fate of Steemit will ultimately depend on how responsibly the Stakeholders (a.k.a. "whales) will steer the platform. The have the power to signal to the whole community, through their votes, what type of content Steemit wants to select. To me, Steemit's direct analog in the pre-crypto world is Medium. Medium uses "claps" whereas Steemit went to a lot more trouble to actually design an incentive-based system. It "put more brain" in order to enable the platform to select better content. The tools are here. But the selection still needs to be made.

He didn't leave reply to any of the comments...sigh.

I’m not surprised. He has an important reputation to protect. This post was just a place holder to reserve his account. As a community, we have to earn the respect of people keep Iike Andreas before they will post here.

The killer app would have to come through SMT's. We do not have it yet. The Community is the one great thing we have, and i mean that considering the fact that a significant/huge portion of the community is not looking at blockchains as revolutionary tools of/for/by the people, but rather ways to gain a chunk of future money supplies/to just grab as many vote crumbs as they can. I've even modified my own behavior in order to get more DLive votes, and it's annoying to see it, even in myself.

After that stuff with @ned last night, the time is just incredibly important. The delegations in this next period, well, they either go to decent and ingenious community members with the right thoughts in their head, and stop being insanely wasted in many cases, or steem is not gonna make it.

I get the stake based system, especially in contrast to brute force systems proving work, and consuming more processing power than the greatest worldwide game never yet created, but on another level, i think only a meritocracy really has a chance in this ecosystem.

What the CEO does now i'm watching closely as hell.

I've seen money thrown away lately, lots of it, and if it was my business, i'd be flipping out.


I just got Steemit account. I am a software developer. I am very impressed. Steemit is very different from others. Steemit will rule the social networking in the following years. I am running Youtube channels but I am not earning much even though I put a lot of effort but Steemit is giving credits to people for their skills. I have explained why Steem=Future Social Networking at

Transfer your videos over to Dtube for sure. Keep up your quality content and keep up your enthusiasm.... especially in these days where SBD's are being pushed down towards the $1 value

I upvote your comment please upvote my comment thanks.

I share same believe with you. Steemit will soon be the king of all social network platforms.

You should consider uploading your Youtube videos to Dtube, and maybe will will earn some more ;)

I was going to move mine, but they are all "hello YouTube" but I think I can use the same content and just make new videos. some need updating anyway so perfect time.

Ah, that makes sense! Good luck with updating them all :)

I upvote your comment please upvote my comment thanks.

If you want upvotes, then you should create good content that people want to upvote, not beg for it.

Am new here and have read much to know that the future of steemit is bright. The opportunities for hardwork are endless here.

I am new on steemit as well, but as a fellow youtuber that just got pushed out, I am hoping steemit becomes a new home. for those who know me on YouTube, I am college silverstacker, and plan to name my channel that even if my username is different. some things just would not fit.. owell

As a developer you might be able to help improving the failed reward system of Steemit.

the time is just incredibly important

Not if you're holding the golden;+)!

Fuck golden eggs, I’m into golden chickens, and I put them all in the same basket so they can mate and replicate. Who knew that The philosophers stone came from chickens fucking? I mean, it doesn’t.

Eggs don't come from Chicken coitus!!!! They just come!!!! Have a good one!

I upvote your comment please upvote my comment thanks.

Steemian= Crypto Enthusiast
We are the true community of crypto kids
We build a place where is impossible to succeed without knowledge
Here we take good care of the people that are valuable, as you are.

Why did you just copy and paste someone else's comment? Can you please contribute something original.

Welcome teacher 😎

I upvote your comment please upvote my comment thanks.

What do you think can be done inorder to stop this act of plagiarism. New her though.

I upvote your comment please upvote my comment thanks.

I upvote your comment please upvote my comment thanks.

Yes, please do!

Please, as a cryptocurrency and blockchain educator, bring your content to the STEEM blockchain. So many people have benefitted from your efforts over the years, and I'd love to see your content get rewarded here.

I upvote your comment please upvote my comment thanks.

I am so glad to see you here. When friends and relatives thought I was crazy for touting Bitcoin as the wave of the future, I would refer them to your videos and to your book "The Internet of Money". I hope to see your posts here on Steemit. Welcome!

I agree with @lukestokes, Andreas would bring great value to the growing community. As for me, nobody comes close to the level that Andreas teaches in his Videos. He is truly the best at what he does, I mean who else is invited to teach governments in foreign countries about blockchain technology.

I started today and love the community welcoming :)

AWESOME TO Know . Your curriculum is the way matched w Jimmy song . Thank you man!!!!

welcome to steemit~I hope you enjoy yourself!

You got a 25.00% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @steemyoda!

@lukestokes you are a true encourager. You really have great plans to achieve with @aantonop. Keep up the food work, we all appreciate you.

Sorry about the typo - keep up the GOOD work.

what u are saying this not possible.. Fuck off

Thanks Andreas.

Your dedication inspired many of us to not get distracted by short terms financial gains and understand the long lasting societal benefit of contributing however we can toward improving peoples accessibility to financial freedom.

I wish you the best.

It's hard not to be enticed by the potential financial gains when so many in this space have made so much in so little time. That kind of increase will always draw all kinds looking to make a quick buck.

Yeah but should be about the platform in the end of the day...
And we are just human in the end of the day...


Your dedication inspired many of us to not get distracted by short terms financial gains and understand the long lasting societal benefit of contributing however we can

we need more leaders here on Steem to see the positive, and share them here so their voices can be heard.

way too much effort and energy is spent combating FUD and apologizing for the inevitable experimentation in the last 2 years, let's show everyone our best colors and let Steemians from all over the world tell their stories right here, right now. Big Orcas' and Whales need to upvote these stories so everyone can see and grow their believe to build this as a global community

for a change, let us unite, and show Andreas we mean what we say, and we will stick, and we will stay, and we will build so anyone and everyone can participate and make a difference

er who is Andreas? why is he such a big deal?

spend a day watching his videos

you won't regret it, heck your granchildren will thank you for getting on the bandwagon


daeem...nice original!

Was going to flag but on closer inspections i realize English is not your spoken language and your are showing us your appreciation of Andreas through your original art


My language is Spanish, but I use the translator

Hi Andreas,

Been a long time reader of your work as well as follower of your you-tube channel, and have reflected on many of your messages, and I can't think of a better place for your voice to be heard than here on the people's blockchain.

It doesn't matter if people upvote you in appreciation, what matters is that a whole new generation of new crypto adopters, non-fiat-investor, but soulful-creative-dedicated-investors, millions of them from 3rd world countries are getting or will soon get exposure to crypto via Steem and they need to hear the voice of a technologist like yourself as they foray into this realm.

Also, it's pretty cool if your message gets recorded for internet eternity on a blockchain, every written word, audio, or video timestamp for longevity and just having you here will raise everyone understanding and belief that this technology will revolutionize the economics of humanity to a level we have never been before.

I hope you will consider this and post here again soon.

Following you now @aantonop

Highest Regards,

Agreed. It would be great to have Andreas out here as a full time contributor!

why is there only 64 / 491 / 629 replies to @aantonop?

We need 1000s replies to Andreas, we need real stories of how their life has change since finding Steemit.

We need everyone who ever got an upvote from @surpassinggoogle, or @ausbitbank, or @kevinwong, or
@teemsteem, or @stellabelle ....every person/Steemian not from a 1st world country need to tell their story here, so Andreas can see that this is the blockchain of the people, and not just a fancy shit-coin.


updated again!

I am from Australia. So not really what you're looking for but to start the conversation.

Steem has managed to give me confidence to pursue a dream rather than just working a dead end job.

100% upvoted your encouragement reply to Andreas below, it takes heart to believe that everyone can help anyone else here, we are truly a community more equal than any others

My voice is added now. I have shared the video i made of naming Andreas as my #1 most wanted Steemit joiner.

100% upvoted your Andreas reply vid @steveandstellas, really thought that speaks to the heart of us Steemians

Let's not kid ourselves here, there's an underclass on the platform that we don't treat all that nicely.

3 months ago, when i was a minnow with 0.5Steem to my name, I spoke up to @berniesanders with 1.2Million Steem and i stood for what i believe in, and I saw a well argued opinion of a dust sway the tide of a large whale during a big flag campaign against Steemit #funny, the final outcome made me belief and convince me to invest my resources and my time to research what else we can achieve as a community, and within the Steem blockchain into the future

you are on a platform where your voice can be heard, or your dogma, or your fears, or you limitless imaginations

it is your choice, so speak up with decency, with logic, with tempered ego, and speak with grace and wit and intelligence and with effort (eg. research) so you can be heard....and give people the freedom to decide for themselves

thank you for sharing your concern....I was where you are mentally when I was still at low rep 40, I thought too that there was a class, now I realize I became my own limit, I set my own prison and I classified myself

we are not all equal contributors, but we all have more equal opportunities here than anywhere else if only we use our imagination

Truly There Is Not Limit To The Human Imagination
source: inspirationalhunter

Well said! I also got caught in a bernie attack, but completely survived it and have growing faith in this platform. It is what we make of it and I personally am going to help make this platform great!
MrFreedomNinja 50 percent small.png

Awesome comment, you deserve an up vote.

Yeah, I wasn't talking about the flagging bullshit, and I wasn't talking about people who can communicate effectively. There are people who were literally never afforded a basic education on this earth, and they're pretty screwed.

Perhaps you're under estimating the will of others, their ingenuity, and persistence.

When I was 17, my English was so broken, I could hardly put a sentence together, but I found a way, and many others will do so as well.

If these people found a way into the Steem blockchain, they will find a way to succeed. They can probably dance better than you or me, or play a song better than most, or have a great eye for art, or photography, or a thousand other things you and I have not even thought off.

Do not discount the human spirit, that would be a grievous error only due to a lack of life experiences, but not because of ignorance nor arrogance.

I feel like I'm part of that underclass...

you have only 16 days here, if you persist you will find your niche & get the recognition that comes with, expect no continuous free lunches here on the Steem blockchain

Some tips:

  • connect with likeminded Steemians, your interest sports? Go follow some sports fans who are rep 35-55, those above 60 will have less time 4 u & probably found their community already - Go upvote & strike up a conversation with this guy @foles09, he looks like you 3figures Steem & active 2 weeks & just sport posted, met him in funny

  • be a giver not a whiner, nobody likes a negga, be real, be your bestest best self, seek to continuously experiment & improve, Steem can be drastically life changing if you let it be (for the better of yourself and for all others too)

  • Before I give my 3rd tip, please know I highly applaud you for the ton of postings you have done everyday, a slacko like myself can in no way compete with you. BUT, you really need Togo quality over quantity, 1 deep thoughtful or hilarious post getting you 5-10 solid revisiting non-flake followers beats 20 meaningless post anyday.

  • upvote like hell, when my SP is below 300 I pushed my upvote button like a cocaine addict with his needle. Example, I just gave you 30mins of my life, if you don't upvote (am not asking you to), you will look like a dick to the community watching how you interact. Some things like this original reply thread, suppose am the OR (which I am) if you even remotely agree, upvote, show respect don't just bandwagon like all the foolswho do (trust me I probably am the biggest fool here or ever was, but I am slowly learning). The point is USE the power of yours $0.03 upvote until you're like 30% VP and dishing out $0.003, amounts when low SO matters not, it's the principle & recognition that counts.


Upvote Talks Bullshit Walks

TM ;)

Steem mirrors real life, we have to network, have to be a giver, have to lead so others might follow us, just look at me: zero post, >700 authentic followers including a number of dolphins&orcas, rep 55, but also see the thousands of comments I haven given to encourage other Steemians.

Remember: no free lunches, show your commitment to connect first, be a Giver and a Leader & Upvote Generously, Respectfully, and Strategically, & Steem on with Quality first.

Your 30 minutes is much appreciated, and I do see where you're coming from.

Am doing this on my phone w only 3line window to edit, full of typo & spellos, hope you still greatly benefit :D

There is a hierarchy, it has been proven time and time again that humans require a hierarchy to have a symbiotic community. There is a financial aspect to steemit (you can purchase bots etc even if it's frowned upon) but in my opinion compared to other social media platforms, steemit is much more equal opportunity based.

yeah personally i started off aspiring to have lots of clueless adoring fans (for I would not know why anyone would want to follow me) making me the biggest Steem pimp ever just kidding

however i only seem to be attracting the crazies like myself who enjoys witty banter, animal photography, cool straight-six beemers, engaging communIty of upvote trigger happy international travellers, mostly well read but can't shake their peculiar sense of humour....and their cute pups

This message needs to be seen. Get people to focus on the positives not the negative aspects of steem. Upvote coming your way to get you to the top.

For some stupid reason @zer0hedge flagged you to remove the assisted upvote I gave you. So I gave you a few more

thank you for your generosity, you didn't have to give so much, your comments and your story is already making a difference, for that I salute you my fellow Steemian

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wow! I have benefited greatly from reading your writing .U like A light

Welcome on Steem !
Hope you will discover the power of the Steem Ecosystem and how we can tokenize the web with SMT like just you explained in this video:

Steem ecosystem is very rich with tons of apps like or d.Tube, and will continue to grow since it allows very easy interaction with the Blockchain using Webservice API / and tools like Steemconnect. Any website can be connected to the Steem Blockchain

Agreed @ekitcho, I was also reminded of the same, similarly in this one too

That's a classic, someday future financial anthropologist will study this video for exams ;)

Wow this is Big News having the most trusted name in crypto on Steemit! Welcome aboard Andreas, it's a pleasure having you here!

THIS is the biggest news on SteemIt and neither of your two ( @fulltimegeek & @v4vapid ) thought to notify me...

@aantonop now has a FIRM Obligation to post here on SteemIt. With what he's made in his first post he could absolutely commit to MORE posts than... IDK, say @ned or @dan!

AND THEN BY HIS VERY VIRTUE @aantonop would become a very successful influencer while shedding some much needed LIGHT on the practices of Open Crypto Ecosophies.

If @aantonop can use Twitter to "Verify" his SteemIt Account, He can now just as easily use SteemIt to Verify his social media presence. Whereby he can continue to waste his energies on Twitter, Youtube and others, Or he can begin to take first hand OWNERSHIP of P2P Attention Payments.

Your move @aantonop, YOUR move! ; )


aantonop Andreas M. Antonopoulos tweeted @ 03 Feb 2018 - 19:59 UTC

Confirming that the user @aantonop on Steemit is me, the others are impersonators.

I have not posted on Steemit.

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Good to see you considered the advice about posting. Hope to see you give this place a fair shot. The leadership may not be great, but there are some good people here doing good things.

If you ever need some info or insight, feel free to contact me on

Greetings Andreas/@aatonop.

Welcome to Steemit.

Thank you Andreas for your dedication to Bitcoin and for introducing so many to Bitcoin.

Wishing you all the best.


Welcome to the platform. It's a sad state of events that you've arrived here under such sorry circumstances but it's good to have you aboard.

Thank you for reporting the plagiarist and id thief on chat. -- Please be assured he will not be receiving any of the payouts for his malfeasance going forward. Dealing with it right now.

I follow you ...I hope you also follow me...thank you

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Glad to see you on Steemit!

great to have you here!

Nice to see you on Steemit!

Andreas, sorry to hear you're being impersonated out here. Hopefully you'll find a home out here on Steemit!

What the hell took you so long ...

Possibly covering the entire world with crypto/blockchain literally...


haha..yeah same thoughts probably in the minds of most of us who grew up on crypto learning from Andreas

I feel strange giving you advice but here goes.

To help get the word out I have resteemeded this to my followers but, I'll be honest, this isn't much of a help to informing people that you're here

The tags on steemit are very important, to make sure you get to a wider audience (so people know this is actually you) you should include the "steem" and "steemit" tags ( you can have up to 5 tags in a post). Probably also "crypto" and "bitcoin" this way lots of people will see this is your actual account

Upvoted for visibility

lets hope many more will see, respond and upvote if this stays in trending for all 7 days

and hopefully Andreas comes back and read some of these helpful and encouraging feedback

My dream has come true. I was asked a few months ago, to name the #1 person I wanted to join Steemit and it was you:

Thanks. You will find a healthy gift economy in here and your fans have been waiting for you, ready to learn more about your teachings. Despite what people on the outside thing, Planet Steem has a very vibrant community of people who possess integrity, and a desire to change the world for the better. Your voice is needed to further direct people into a good path.

i identify greatly with this message, we need more types with integrity like Andreas and other like minded leaders who will join us if we are ever going to make a lasting difference to the masses in a global scale

It is great to see you here on steem Andreas. Your first episode with JRE brought me deep into crypto. Thank you for this amazing interview and all your awesome work!

Andreas, you are a hero to many people and have been one of the greatest ambassadors for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Welcome to Steemit!

Hey Andreas are you planning to be a regular on here and contribute to the STEEM economy?

It would be great to have someone like you invest time and energy into this with us. Thank you for all of your efforts to push BTC forward! Blessings my friend!! I wish you all the best!🙏🏼😌

ANDREAS stay please!

image jika anda merokok jangan lah anda dekat2 dengen anak bayi.ataupun dengen anak kecil.jika kita dekat2 merokok didekat anak kecil bisa berbahaya.tolong jangan merokok didekat anak kecil.

Honor to have you here @aantonop. You were one of the first people on the internet who I studied when first getting into Blockchain years ago. Thankful for all you have done for Bitcoin by spreading the knowledge you have around the world. You are legend and I have learned a lot watching you speak over the years. I am looking forward to following you and learning more from your wisdom and insight via Steem. It would be great to see some of your work published to Dtube in the future. Take care and welcome to Steem @aantonop

It's great to hear more about you, since you're such a power for good as far as whales. I share the same story as Andreas was my teacher in the very beginning when i didn't understand Bitcoin in a deeper way. I am so thrilled that he is here finally.

A hearty welcome to Steemit Sir @aantonop!!

As @thejohalfile mentioned it's an honor to have a pioneer like you here in steemit.

I'm certainly looking forward for your valued contributions to this platform.

100% agreed he is a legend I have learned a lot too. Steem is imo one of the best platforms out and he would be a great addition to have blogging.

I really need your help, to support my steemit, if you do not mind to help me, and for give me, because I dare to be sassy, ​​it's because I do not know how else, because I really need it,i hope you can help me.

Same here. @aantonop keeps the crypto space sensible and reminds us that we are here to create a better future, not just get rich quick. I agree with @thejohalfiles that Dtube and Steemit would be great places to publish his work.

what would it take to make @thejohalfiles follow you? HAHA

I’m surprised you even got involved! When it comes to impersonators and drama, I choose to keep my focus and attention on what I’m working on :)

Steemit verification works using a simple method.. just write down your Steemit user name of a paper and take a selfie with that paper and post it here.. I don't want to be rude, but this post doesn't show any evidence to your identity.. its better if you follow the general norms of identity verification.. thanks

Thanks for clarifying! I've sent you a couple of twitter messages asking about an interview with you on my national tv/radio show. How would you suggest setting something up?

For those of you who are not aware of @aantonop spend five minutes to read this article and watch the video in this article.

He is considered one of the best speakers about Bitcoin and the whole cryptocommunity came forward to show how much they value him after this tweet was posted.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 6.08.01 PM.png

I think its time now for the Steem community come forward and show him how the community can contribute positively to both Cryptocurrencies and publishing industry at the same time.

I hope @noisy and @aantonop will have a discussion to address this concern. In the mean time this also highlights the gap that needs to be filled so that every monetization can in some way attribute the original source of content and have an automated meaningful distribution of rewards so that both the content creator and curator or rewarded optimally. While steem addresses the issue of rewarding both the content creator and curator within the realm of Steem blockchain, it would be awesome if some blockchain could address the issue for the content that is outside their blockchain(I mean internet in general).

aantonop Andreas M. Antonopoulos tweeted @ 05 Dec 2017 - 20:44 UTC

@rogerkver I did invest, Roger. Then I sold in 2013 to pay my rent. I didn't have disposable income to work for two……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.


We need to give back to Andreas, now is the time, lets give him not just our vote, but our stories

Thank you @gokulnk

I think it will be an interesting video to watch for all of us.
@lukestokes wrote to @aantonop

If you're open to it, I'd love to do a video call with you sometime where we could talk more about DPOS and STEEM and your thoughts about it.

이게 정말 실화입니까...?

The man, so awesome to see you here on Steemit! You’ve been my crypto- hero since 2013. Thanks for keeping on top of the scammers.

Hope to see more of you here!


You contribute to Steem outside the platform by all your work. Of course it would be nice to see you upload your content to dtube and you could donate the steem to charity, since someone is gonna eventually try to benefit from your videos.

yes, this is a very accurate statement, make no mistake, Andreas has already contributed significantly to Steemit through his inspiration and education of thousands of Steemians

by using Steem and publishing on the blockchain, I can't see how his influence will be magnified and multiplied even moreas the 2nd generation of Steemians and the masses start pouring in.