Importance of tree plantation

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Trees are very important because they produce Oxygen which is a must for man and all living being . We must realize that they help us in many wavs . If trees are lees in number, there will be an increased amount of carbon di oxide in the atmosphere and it will enhance greenhouse effects.
Global warming is increasing day by day because deforestation. We cut down trees but never think of planting more trees. As a result human and other living, beings are in the treat of extinction. Time is coming when there will be no tree left for us. So we have to face bitter consequence of deforestation


tree is very important elements both of us and our nature. You take oxyzen from it and it recived carbon-Dy-oxcied..
if we dont plant tree more and more our world once upon a time trun into dark and destroy

yes, right, Without trees, we can not think of our survival as the tree gives us oxygen and we can not survive without oxygen, we should plant more trees

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In the words, Do planting the tree - save lives.

right comment, My post has given importance so much thanks to you will plant more trees to save the environment and to advise others

Planting the plant is something that many people can not do that they are welcome.

right comment, Without planting trees, people can not think of living without tree, so everyone should plant trees and advise others.

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