Happy Independence Day

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I love the fourth of July! I'm kinda partial to the date because my birthday is July 3rd. So just before I turned 21 it was always like a 5 day party beginning July 1st and wrapping up July 5th!

But now that I'm 43 I'm lucky if I can stay awake long enough to watch the fireworks show on July 4th! But what is the meaning of this date? Why is it so important to Americans?

The current political climate in the United States would have people believe that America is a terrible country and we should all be ashamed of it!

Well not for me! This day is the day that we declared our independence from the king of England! That all (ALL) men and that means (mankind) as to prevent from offending any women are created equal! That we all have unalienable rights granted to us by our creator! That we all have equal opportunity no matter race, religion, or gender! If you work hard you can become anything you put your mind to.

That we all have freedom, liberty, justice, the pursuit of happiness....whatever your happiness looks like!

There's no other country in the world that allows this type of freedom to it's citizens. The scary thing is there are forces that want America's demise. That want to divide the people every way they can, democrat, republican, black, white,men, women every way they can possibly divide us they're pushing hard to make that a reality.

Every great general knows divide and conquer! If the people are united then the government can't take away our rights but with us all arguing about things that truly DO NOT matter the most important thing is being ripped away...OUR FREEDOM!

This is a plea to all Americans if you learn about America I mean really dig deep and you love your rights, and freedom regardless of political affiliation, gender, or race let's stand together and take this stand! Ronald Reagan said freedom is lost by just one generation! These words are true we must always fight to maintain the life that we have been given by being born in America!


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