Reflection on August 17, 1945

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August 17, 1945, Friday is the time used for the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence to coincide with the 17th of Ramadan 1364 H. "... it is not an angel who is close to Allah, on earth and in the sky unless he is loved on Friday," {HR. Ahmad}. Ramadan is a holy month full of virtue and blessing. In that month, all good deeds are taken into account and all human amaliyah is multiplied.

A commemoration of a country's independence day is interpreted as a commemoration of a day when a country is free from all forms of colonialism (foreign). The proclamation of independence of the Republic of Indonesia was an unforgettable and unforgettable forgotten milestone. Every history must have its own story, as well as the important meaning of the Proclamation of Independence on August 17, 1945. BPUPKI was formed and continued with PPKI being the pioneer of the comfort of Indonesian independence today.

This proclamation of independence is not the ultimate goal of the struggle of the nation and people of Indonesia. The proclamation of independence was not also the culmination of the struggle of the Indonesian people. This is the initial movement to achieve further goals, namely the creation of an independent, united, sovereign, just and prosperous Indonesian society.

In our minds we fight for and defend Indonesia's independence by the Indonesian heroes and proclamators. But, what is the meaning and purpose of our commemoration of Independence Day just that? There are other meanings that are implied that we sometimes ignore because they are so happy about the perceived freedom at this time.

First, to pray for our heroes.

Second, is to remember their sacrifice.

Third, is for how we can draw on the lives of them. Like a lighthouse on the edge of the ocean, a guide for all fishermen. These three simple things that we do but are very meaningful and should never be forgotten.

What inspiration can be inherited from the nation's heroes? Actually a lot of inspiration and values ​​that we can learn from the events leading up to the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.


First, are CLEAR LIFE. Liberation of the motherland from foreign colonialism. Liberation of the motherland is a great goal, not a personal or a particular ideal. If the children are asked, "What do you do when you grow up?" They answer, "Want to be a doctor, nurse, pilot or flight attendant." Nobody will answer to be a hero, because a hero is not a job, but a hero is a call. Every time actually provides challenges and opportunities for all people to do big and even big actions.

Second, that is the SPIRIT OF GIVE UP. If we have clear ideals, any challenge or temptation will not shake us. Often a goal is almost reached when we are at the end of despair.

Third, is COURAGE. Bung Karno and his friends are certainly not cowards. Until several times it was thrown away by the Dutch colonial, but he and his friends never gave up, and did not want to take the safe and cowardly path. They choose to take a path that is rarely traveled. "A road less traveled" - Robert prost. They are true brave people. We need to emulate this as the nation's next generation in living this life. "If you have a desire, do it. Courage has its own genius".

Fourth, is a SPIRIT OF SACRIFICE. Nothing is free under the sun. Such is the slogan of business people. It does not mean paid / mercenary. The true meaning is that whatever we do needs sacrifice. Even if we don't do anything, we also sacrifice something that is 'time' & 'opportunity'.

Sacrifice is a dynamic and beautiful word. These sacrificial principles are absolute and are not influenced by space and time. Because of their sacrifice, we are not stowaways, not free passengers in this country and nation of Indonesia. Let's save the nation with the provision of ideals, courage, an unyielding spirit, and a willingness to sacrifice, for a new world full of courage.

"There is no useless sacrifice, there are no obstacles and obstacles that cannot be overcome." "Even in a fleeting voyage, it will free us from the grip of suffering".



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