India: Crypto Ban Draft Bill To Be Introduced In The Parliament During Winter Session

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The latest update is that Indian government has submitted the IMC report and proposed crypto ban bill to the Supreme Court today. They also requested the court to adjourn the case until January as the Finance Ministry plans on introducing the bill in the parliament.

CryptoKanoon is making live updates on twitter from the Supreme court today.

There's more to this which will know post-lunch as the case continues to be argued in the matter relating to RBI's mandate.

The court has agreed to push forward the date to January 2020 last week for further hearings once the bill is introduced in the parliament by the government.

I will post another update once the afternoon session is over and my thoughts on this matter later today.

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How will the Indian government handle the next financial crash? Are they planning to print tons of worthless fiats or steer every citizen to transact business using physical gold and silver?

Printing useless fiat is what they will do.

thank you for this updates..stay post...and resteemed

The Indian government needs to reevaluate its position regarding crypto and do it ASAP. Today you can turn your back to crypto and be alright, but what about tomorrow? This is a very shortsighted position that they are taking.