India: Zebpay Exchange Now Offers 19 Cryptocurrencies, 35+ Trading Pairs!

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Zebpay has added new crypto-trading pairs inspite of the impending ban from RBI signalling their commitment to growing their userbase in India. It now offers 19 cryptos and 35 trading pairs.


Zebpay mobile app is available for download for iOS and Android and you can easily signup, complete KYC and trade with them if you're interested.

Most Indian exchanges decided to incorporate crypto-crypto trading in April immediately after the announcement from RBI. They have been adapting to the changing views on cryptocurrency in India.

Zebpay added these new crypto trading pairs recently:

Their recent announcement on the ban on banking services from RBI which is going into effect after the 5th of July led to a massive panic sell in the India.

Zebpay is one of the biggest exchanges in India. However, most of the trading pairs are for cryptocurrencies which are often hyped. We're yet to see Indian exchanges taking Steem seriously. They are chasing crypto pairs which the market considers great for pumps and dumps.

Hopefully this too will change in the future.

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no kyc?

KYC is mandatory on all Indian exchanges.

This is where the market is going to show its resilience. I adore these guys to have made this announcement at a time when some people might be panicking. I am sure that this announcement would build up confidence and let people know that this game is just getting started.

It's ballsy move to have added these 10 pairs. I am sure this announcement was strategically announced at such a time. This is a great move by this exchange and will only build more customer confidence.

bro can i convert fiat to btc ?????

sure you can


wow means zebpay really have other ideas regarding RBI

What do we need? Steem in India. When do you need? NOW!