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Losing virginity at an early age


Few Bollywood actors like Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor have admitted that they have lost their virginity at a very young age. Ranveer Singh lost his virginity at the age of 12 while Ranbir Kapoor lost his at the age of 15. Well, in contrast to that there are actors like Salman Khan who still claim themselves as virgins. Funny, isn’t it?

Having extra marital affairs

Extra marital affairs are considered no big deal in Bollywood industry. Actors like Govinda and Dharmendra have accepted having one. Govinda accepted of having an extra marital affair with Rani Mukherjee while Dharemendra had it with Hema Malini before marrying her. Actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar have also been alleged to have extra marital affairs.