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RE: Looking For a Custom High-end Gaming Laptop in India?

in #india3 years ago

This blalantly advertising post made me push the UNFOLLOW button , your content is bad spam advertising hung op on mega bought upvotes and config. You sir are reason's why Steemit has become a place for GREEDY GRABBERS ,

Goodby , have a nice live .


It's hilarious you should say that but I've not been paid for this post but feel free to assume whatever the heck you want. You clearly have your mind made up and it's not worth my time to change that. Your ignorant comment is also proof that the internet is not for everyone. Some maturity needs to be exercised.

Not bin paid he says , like 210 people really did read your crappy copy paste post .
When did "SOCIAL" become post and run ? what part of "SOCIAL " did you not understand ?
Writes down " maturity needs to be exercised " then hides my comment , muhahaha.
No m8 , I AM NOT IGNORANT , as your comment is proof of it . You never vote on any comment given to you or give a comment back , reacting to my comment made it all to clear , your a greedy grabber , now proof me wrong , where on Steemit did you ever get social ?