Few things menstruating women are not allowed in educationally deprived rural Hindu societies.

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Hinduism treats menstruating women impure. They cannot enter temples, indulge in sex, take bath or even sleep before night fall. Women are kept in isolation and viewed as impure and polluted for the entire period.
Hindu dominated Nepal goes a step ahead - women need to leave home and live in isolated shelters called " "Chhaupadi" during menstruation.


However, many treat this appalling cultural taboo in positive light. Advocates defend the customs as favoring women as they are given a 'resting period.'

Interestingly, Sikhism, which is another Indian religion that is close to the Hindu belief system does not have any negativity surrounding menstruation.

Happy periods. ;)

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It makes sense that Indian women might be happy with a bit of time off, they mostly have a quite hardcore life to say the least. Didn't know about the bath but i guess a bucket shower is ok, how else to go through these times? Thanks for the info! :-)

I bet! Washing it away is way better than without. :)

That's really something, you'll think that they'll understand that the menstrual cycle cleanses the womens of impurities.you also would think they would want the ladies to clean themselves so that they will not be smelling, but that's their belief. nice post. you have been tagged @steembloggers 30 day tag challenge

Thank you @teevmoore for your thoughts! :) And good luck!

Very interesting. I was not aware of this custom of the Hindu faith. I appreciate the information.

You are most welcome! :)