India's menstruating Goddess is a powerful deity!

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The powerful Goddess Kamakhya of Assam, India goes to her annual menstruation during the monsoon.
No one is allowed to enter or worship. The temple premises are cleaned and rituals are done after three days before allowing access.


The three days are observed as Ambubachi Mela.

India is interesting indeed! :)

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Agree, amazing India :-) You should write one time about how Hinduism sees menstruation or more specific, expected behaviour of women in these times. I hear many different stories so i don't know...

I really don't know either! My earliest experience was as a ten year old using the elastic holding the sanitary pad as a catapult. There were prying eyes and resistance all around. I remember asking my elder sister who said that if there is an injury in an 'odd place' sanitary pads are used.
But yeah, I have heard women are not allowed to enter temples or worship, and stopped from many activities.

Then those living in villages(80% of India) may not be able to afford sanitary pads. :(
Talking about sex or private parts or anything related to our reproductive biology is a bane in India anyways. :)

For sure I am doing a post on this today after a brief research. Thank you @bubke for your comment!

This is interesting to know. Never heard of this before.