#AFStory Promo-Steem Unconsciously

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There is a perpetual pseudo phrase for the steemans let's work together in a steemit

The ruins of the steemians in the South West of Aceh (Barsela) are always heard every day, walking from one place to another posing to attract the attention of other visitors.

Photo together, that is the new habit of the steemians, come to the shop to drink while looking for aspirations. However, unknowingly they have made other endpoints ask how they met the photo by holding a phone that shows a picture.

Photo: @aminnullah is bepose by showing the steemit logo on smarphone.

Moving from there the idea is found, curiosity will lead you to knowledge. Without realizing the steemans have been campaigning (promotion) steemit to others who participate as customers in the stall.

Amatan, #AFStory lovers of beverages and food available in the stalls notice and observe the coletehan and the movements of the steemians. From their lips a whisper read, who saw asking questions.

In the end, they also take a smarphone check on google search what is steemit. No need to meet the curious was forced to read to give satisfaction to the feeling of keingidaknya it.

Photo: @danialves is posing with the steemit logo.

That is, steam prompts steam unaware paea.

AFStory Be careful acting, lots of questions and notifications

KSI Chapter Barsela's steemian friends account

  1. https://steemit.com/@dicky

  2. https://steemit.com/@danialves

  3. https://steemit.com/@agusnovic

  4. https://steemit.com/@revina95

  5. https://steemit.com/@dedymesslo

  6. https://steemit.com/@djamidjalal

  7. https://steemit.com/@wal.wal

  8. https://steemit.com/@afmeulaboh

  9. https://steemit.com/@bangyeuk

  10. https://steemit.com/@daentepi

  11. https://steemit.com/@khairulmm

  12. https://steemit.com/@iikhsan

  13. https://steemit.com/@latifhanum

  14. https://steemit.com/@Meriaulfa96

  15. https://steemit.com/@muh

  16. https://steemit.com/@aminnullah

  17. https://steemit.com/@mega.efrian

  18. https://steemit.com/@nasrijal

  19. https://steemit.com/@munawar87

  20. https://steemit.com/@putrimaulina90

  21. https://steemit.com/@syawal85

  22. https://steemit.com/@bairuindra

  23. https://steemit.com/@hidra.silvia

  24. https://steemit.com/@friskamarina

  25. https://steemit.com/@nuryriana

  26. https://steemit.com/@absaa.official

  27. https://steemit.com/@anharfazri

  28. https://steemit.com/@akinmutta

  29. https://steemit.com/@heribuono

  30. http://steemit.com/@kilaisme

  31. https://steemit.com/@adiyanto

  32. https://steemit.com/@afrizalar

  33. https://steemit.com/@arismunadiz

  34. https://steemit.com/@denysatika

  35. https://steemit.com/@wawanitb

  36. https://steemit.com/@sudirmanz

  37. https://steemit.com/@azharsigege

  38. https://steemit.com/@khairatmohamad

  39. https://steemit.com/@fandymaulana

  40. https://steemit.com/@yettiphonnayani

  41. https://steemit.com/@yusufbaruna

  42. https://steemit.com/@feezgraphy

  43. https://steemit.com/@asmeulaboh

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