Airless Tire Made by the Indonesian Military

in #indonesia2 months ago

airless tire.png

A few days ago I was on Youtube, I was looking for news about the civilian version of Maung. Maung is a multipurpose military vehicle that is smaller than the Komodo (Komodo is roughly the size of a Humvee). Suddenly I saw a video display with the title "Feel the Sensation of the Tire Without Air".

It turned out that it was a video about the TNI AD's innovation in making tires without air. So it's not like tires in general, when viewed from the side this tire has holes forming a wide nest pattern.

airless tire 2.png

Several years ago I saw the news that the American army is also making tires without air, It turns out that our soldiers also do not want to be outdone, they also innovate with their own technology, at the beginning of their manufacture they failed, but with continuous improvement this tire finally finished. The tires are mounted on a double-cabin car. It looks cool, moreover, this tire is also bulletproof.

I have to underline that this kind of tire innovation is already out there. My admiration is that one by one our military has become increasingly independent in innovating weapons and its supporting components.

For more info, please watch the video directly

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