Let's See How to Drying Coffee Beans in My Province

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Coffee beans is one of the leading agricultural products in the Aceh-Indonesia. Gayo Coffee, coffee grown in the Gayo highlands is one of the leading agricultural commodities that is now recognized by several coffee-loving countries and imports it from the local community's coffee fields.

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Many countries in Europe and America are known as an excellent coffee connoisseur, so it is not surprising that coffee farmers in our area process the best coffee for export to abroad. With the best processing, of course, brings a high taste of each excellent coffee beans.

This is Permata Sub-District, Bener Meriah region, in Aceh province. The coffee beans they produce are known has the best coffee variants throughout the Aceh province. At least they are able to process tons of coffee beans every day.

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The Gayo Highland was known as the best coffee-producing region, the community's coffee plantations have been maintained for generations. If you have seen or heard of Gayo Coffee, this is the place.

Local people use the road as a place to dry coffee, after finding out why they use the coffee beans to dry on the road, I know --it is because the temperature of the road makes coffee beans dry evenly. And they do not need a long time to wait periode of that.

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If on normal land they dry 15-20 days, on the road they only need 10 days. And that makes the production time shorter of course with the results that reach the target of each export of their coffee beans. These is some my documentation when I was travel in Gayo Highland and Seeing their activity.

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