Nelayan Cafe in Medan City, North Sumatra

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Nelayan Cafe is famous restaurant chain in Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra Province. When I visited Medan City, I love to have lunch or dinner at the cafe. They have many branches in Medan. We may find a Nelayan Cafe at almost every mall in the city. The Nelayan Cafe branch of Sun Plaza is my favorite one to visit, since it’s located near Adimulia Hotel. It’s just five minutes walk from the hotel, as the hotel is our favorite place to stay when I and my family going to Medan.


We may find a Nelayan Cafe at Manhattan Mall, Medan Fair Plaza, Centre Point Mall, Cambridge Square Mall. We have ever tried Nelayan Cafe at every mall I mentioned above. Beside Nelayan Branch of Sun Plaza, we love to visit the branch at Centre Point Mall.


Nelayan Cafe is so busy at lunch or dinner times. Sometime, we have to reserve to have our seat. If we are already there and we haven’t reserved the seats, we just have our name written down on their list, then we may just wait there until our seat is available. But we don’t have to worry since usually we wait at most 15 minutes.


Nelayan Cafe has vast variety of menus. They have various kinds of food and drinks. Most of menus are local and oriental cuisines.

Dim Sum and Lumpia

However, we really love to eat dim sum and pancake, including durian pancakes and avocado pancakes.


The dim sum is so delicious with its special spicy condiment. Honestly, I never getting bored to eat dim sum here.

Their dim sum are very special and tasty. They have shrimps, crab and chicken dim sums. We love to eat any type of dim sum. Aside from dim sum, we also like to eat shrimp lumpia.


The shrimps lumpia would be more delicious when mayonnaise is poured on them. The lumpia is cut to four pieces.


Shrimp lumpia is my daughter’s favorite dish. She may finish three or four pieces of shrimp lumpia. She adore shrimp lumpia so much. I also like lumpia, but I prefer dim sum.


Avocado and Durian Pancakes
The special dessert dish of Nelayan Cafe is pancake. There are to variants of pancake: Avocado and Durian flavor. Both them are very tasty and delicious. I love them since the first bite. Wholeheartedly, I love avocado pancake of Nelayan Cafe.


I believe you will never forget the taste of Nelayan Cafe avocado pancake when the first time you nibble on it. Frankly, I never taste avocado pancake as delicious as avocado pancake by Nelayan Cafe.

The avocado pancake is yellow thin layer. The layer is like skin which covers avocado inside.

So, how about durian pancake? It’s also my favorite dessert. The color of durian pancake’s layer is green. It’s also pretty thin. We know that, the thinner its layer, the more tasty a pancake. So, they are so special one.


I highly recommend to visit Nelayan Cafe when you are in Medan City. You may visit one or all of them. It’s really easy to find it. There is a Nelayan Cafe in almost every mall in Medan. In my opinion, the most perfect place to enjoy your lunch or dinner is Nelayan Cafe at Center Point Mall since it has more spacious room.


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