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Dear Steemian...

Good night steemians, enjoy a weekend with family and friends. on this occasion I want to share happy stories with friends maybe today is my lucky day and hopefully next time my friends will also get more luck than me. so that we can both enjoy life happily both with friends and with family.

I was very grateful today for getting the invitation of the national economic seminar organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University Malikussaleh Lhokseumawe. the event is working with the international blockchain team namely Oracle-D. by attending the event, it is definitely very much the knowledge that we will get about blockchain is certainly very useful for us all towards a digital era that is increasingly sophisticated and easy to do anywhere.

As one of the steemit blockchain users, I feel impatient waiting for tomorrow, where I will attend and get a lot of knowledge about blockchai at the event. Hopefully nothing prevents me from attending tomorrow's event. Below is the rundown of the IV national seminar in 2018 of the faculty of economics and business of the university malikussaleh lhokseumawe.

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Thank you for attending the seminar @teukumuhas. I think we get a lot of knowledge there.

of course, it only needs to be applied in our lives. thanks Mr @ayijufridar