One Day With @anarcotech and @starkerz

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Dear steemians..

Good night everybody. wherever you are, hopefully always in the protection of the Almighty God. even though the air is cool because the rain has just subsided. keep enjoying the weekend happily with friends and family. on this occasion I want to share happy stories with friends, hopefully friends also have the same feelings.

The partner of the Indonesian steemit community, who attended the national seminar today on the malikussaleh lhokseumawe university, with the theme "blockchain for financial technology" we really feel today is a very extraordinary day for us, because we have just meet and great people from london namely Dylan Leighton / @anarcotech and Matt Starkey / @starkerz, also accompanied by curator ocd @mariska.lubis. and then, I also attended the Indonesian curator @levycore and some other great steemian such as @ayijufridar, @dokter-purnama, @bahagia-arbi, @yandot, @arie.steem and others that I could not possibly mention one by one. of course I really admire them all and a little hope one day to be great like them.

At the time of the delivery of the material, I tried to absorb all that was conveyed by the speaker, but only a few were absorbed in my head, but this was not a problem, but it needed to be a motivation so that I could always enrich the language, especially English. from some of the material presented earlier, in my opinion the most interesting thing is that the blockchain system works as fairly as possible, we cannot do corruption and plagiarism, unlike in the real world today everywhere people are corrupt and imitate the work of other people without the permission of the owner. blockchain like steemit if we plagiarise then we will be detected and reported by steemcleaners. one more thing that I remember most is that from some digital crypto or coin currencies the fastest access / delivery transaction, steem only takes 3 seconds. that's my short story today, basically today and my friends in Indonesia feel very proud and happy with the presence of @starkerz and @anarcotech.

warm greetings from me @teukumuhas.

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Akhirnya, kita bisa berkumpul dan meetup meski dengan waktu terbatas. Terima kasih sudah hadir @teukumuhas. Saleum.

Alhamdulillah bg @ayijufridar saya sangat senang bisa mengadiri acara tersebut. Rasa terimakasih kami yang tak terhingga untuk bang ayijufridar yang telah mengundang kami, sehingga kami dapat bertemu dengan orang hebat dari team oracle-d dan teman-teman steemian indonesia. 😊