Greetings from Canada

in #induction5 years ago

This is my first post on here. I first heard of Steemit through my research on Bitcoin, but never joined until now. I'm doing this because I think it's an interest concept and just want to see for myself what it's all about.


A little about myself...I am from Vancouver, Canada but was born in Vietnam. My interests including sports, travel, and reading. Lately, I've been really into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It feels kind of weird writing about yourself and telling it to the world. But I'm always down for trying new things and I would consider this one of them. Hopefully, I will get to meet some interesting people around the world I might've not if I wasn't on here.

Once again, I'm super excited to be on here and can't wait to see where this goes.


Hi, its full of good info and people

Canada has a great reputation around the world, yes I agree

Hello my friend, where are you from

welcome! i am new too. It is a great place here to share.

It's great to be here

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