Shifting Tides: The Indy Media Explosion on Steemit

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Media Surge

In recent days, and weeks, the alternative media community on
Steemit has surged to new heights with a flood of new converts.

Among those finding a new home on the platform are journalists,
researchers and activists with established name recognition and
fan bases from multiple platforms.

Fog gif VA hills.gif

Shifting Tides

Longtime Steemians who've been involved in politics, research,
citizen journalism, and independent media in various forms have
been patiently awaiting for this day to arrive.

Now that this day's finally here, we're beside ourselves with the speed
in which this is taking place with the addition of high quality
content producers, writers and media personalities.

This has been a long time coming and a wide range of Steemians
have played their part in bringing about this monumental shift across platforms.

More on that in a moment.

Fresh Recruits

One of the newest additions to the Steemit community is Suzie Dawson, @suzi3d, who made quite a splash in her first interactions on the truth-politics-conspiracy channel in the MSP Discord ruffling a few feathers with her passionate and intense defense of Wikileaks.

@suzi3d has been a lightening rod for intense debate on the channel but she's also been an exceptional promoter of the Steemit platform since day one, cross promoting the Steem blockchain throughout Twitter and Facebook to anyone who will listen.

Suzie played an instrumental roll in recruiting a number of high-profile figures in independent media circles. She gives much credit to @an0nkn0wledge for his tireless efforts to get her to join Steemit for more than a year.

Let's show some love to some exciting new Steemians.

Suzie Dawson   suzi3d  — Steemit.png

@suzi3d - Citizen Journalist / Internet Party New Zealand

Suzie now lives in political exile in Moscow because of her political activism
in regards to the 5-Eyes(government spy network) yet continues to produce
her citizen journalism from Russia. She has worked closely with founder
KimDotCom to foster the Internet Party of New Zealand into a political force.

Suzie currently hosts a live dig of the Snowden leaks with her journalistic counterpart @elizbethleavos
(Disobedient Media) titled: Decipher You (Finding the Hidden Gems in the Snowden Files)

You can check out Episode 8 right here on DTube:

Check out her website -

Follow Suzie on Twitter: @Suzi3D

As I've already mentioned above, Suzi3d is a one woman Steemit promotion machine and she assures me that this is just the beginning.

Show your support for independent media on Steemit by following and supporting @suzi3d
and the wonderful people she's bringing to the Steemit platform.

suzie tweet steem1.jpeg

New Blood

In no particular order, here are some of the fine journalists Suzie has brought, and in one case brought back, to Steemit.

Caitlin Johnstone   caitlinjohnstone  — Steemit.png

@caitlinjohnstone - Rogue Journalist

Caitlin joined Steemit many moons ago but received little attention
for her firebrand of journalism.
This was also around the time that I joined Steemit and this point
in time marked the beginning of a low point on the platform
as well, you may recall.
This time round, @caitlinjohnstone has come out guns blazing
with several blistering pieces including one that was retweeted
by Wikileaks' Twitter account garnering over 19,000 views in 2 days.

Wikileaks Twitter Followers: 5.5 million

WikiLeaks on Twitter   WikiLeaks Has Published Leaks On Trump Admin And Russia  And Is Seeking More https jvgflbGwGb (1).png

You can also find her work at her website -

On medium -

On Twitter - @caitoz

Twitter Followers: 24,000

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter   Come get a Steemit account. It takes a few days to verify but once you re in you re in  and it s where all the cool kids are playing now.… https VfSrR0yrdX .png

@leecamp - Redacted Tonight


Pittsburgh City Paper

This man needs no introduction.
He's kind of a big deal.
If there's one thing Steemit could use more of, it's humor.
Lee only just joined Steemit a couple of days ago so be patient while he learns the ropes.
He has managed to upload a profile picture and that's progress.
We're all extremely excited to have Lee here and looking forward
to what he has in store for the Steemit community!

Lee is already planning on uploading future Redacted Tonight episodes to DTube.

You can catch @leecamp and Redacted Tonight on RT and on Youtube

On Twitter - @LeeCamp

Twitter Followers: 150,000

Elizabeth Lea Vos   elizbethleavos  — Steemit(1).png

@elizbethleavos -Editor in Chief of Disobedient Media

Having the editor and chief of Disobedient Media on Steemit a real treat.
As was mentioned, Elizabeth Vos co-hosts the live Decipher You
Snowden files and produces original in-depth reporting on political issues
at the Disobedient Media.

On a personal level, I'm super excited to have Elizabeth here as
I've cited her work in some of my own research posted to Steemit
and feel that her work will be well received by the community.

Elizabeth recently penned an incredible piece on child trafficking on
Disobedient Media and reposted it to Steemit,
well worth your time.

Elizabeth Lea Vos on Twitter   Victim s Testimony Reveals Establishment Connected East Coast Trafficking Network https 9LJkRZhDqD .png

Vitctim's Testimony Reveals Establishment Connected East Coast Trafficking Network

Find her work at:

On Twitter: @ElizabethleaVos

Twitter Followers: 7,000

More Media - More Anti-Media

Although Suzie Dawson is not responsible for bringing The Anti-Media to Steemit, she's just as excited as I am about the evolving independent media presence on the blockchain.

Anti Media   antimedia  — Steemit.png


Another thrilling addition to the Steemit platform is the Anti-Media
which I've followed for a few years now as a trusted source of the latest
in political analysis and news.

Here's the Anti-Media's introductory post on Steemit:

Full Steem Ahead: Anti-Media Joins Steemit Revolution

Last month the Anti-Media's Editor in Chief @careywelder also joined Steemit.

Here's Carey's introductory post:

Be sure to drop by Anti-Media's official site:

On Twittter: @AntiMedia

Twitter Followers 46,000

Steemit Community

The Steemit community has given these writers a warm reception on the block and deserves a lot of credit in preparing the ground work to allow this media revolution to take place.

I want to take a moment to recognize a few Steemians who have dedicated a lot of blood sweat and tears to make this a reality. Quite a number of regular steemians are involved with helping out the new recruits learn the ropes, answer questions and give advice on Discord. Also people who're following, upvoting, and resteeming these new recruits AND already existing Steemians of the Independent Media present on the block, your efforts are much appreciated.

@ausbitbank -legendary legend - Has selflessly delegated sp to some of the new recruits to help ease the transition

@aggroed and everyone at the Minnow Support Project who have created such a wonderful ecosystem a huge thanks.

@fulltimegeek - A lot of people don't realize how much work has been done behind the scenes by this man to actively recruit talent to the Steemit platform. Heroic efforts!

@an0nkn0wledge - For bringing Suzie to the platform and for all your investigative work. Fantastic stuff.

@titusfrost - For bringing an0nkn0wledge here and many more including myself!

@frankbacon - More behind the scenes promotion of Stemmit across platforms, well done man!

@jamesc, @benjojo and @thejohalfiles - for supporting the entire community.

@tremendospercy, @steemtruth, @fortified, @perceptualflaws, @lyndsaybowes, @venomnymous....
and everyone from the Discord Truth-conspiracy-politics channel who are making the channel what it is.

The Current State of Indy Media on Steemit

There are already a large presence of Indy Media content producers on Steemit that I also would like to thank for paving the way for this snowball effect we're seeing today.

@corbettreport, @pressfortruth, @lukewearechange, @dbroze, @joshsigurdson, @theouterlight, @activistpost, @tftproject, @highimpactflix, @adamkokesh, @dotivoluntarily, @tlavagabond, @lifttheveil411, @reallygraceful, @sgtreport, @ura-soul, @valued-customer, @baah, @kafkanarchy84, @canadian-coconut, @teamsteem, @rebelskum, @sarahabed, @clarityofsignal, @johnnyvibes, @jockey, @chron, @son-of-satire, @docdelux, @richq11, @ramengirl, @stevecoins, @wakeupnd, @defango, @tyrannyunmasked, @bulleth, @wakeupworldnews, @thatsnumberwang, @jimbobbill, @gomeravibz, @rhondak, @gmuxx, @discordiant, @crimsonclad, @techslut, @blakemiles84, @tarazkp, @mammasitta, @acidyo, @jrcornel, @markwhittam, @kevinwong, @jaki01, @dan, @patricklancaster, ...

(I sincerely apologize if I've forgotten anyone here, I'll add a few names I know I'm forgetting atm)

Together we've built up a healthy community here on Steemit.
Let's continue to work together to not only grow censorship resistant content
but also to usher in a new paradigm in social media where
content creators are not beholden to advertising dollars.

These are exciting times right now.
I think we have an amazing opportunity to build a thriving community of
TRULY independent journalism, research and open thought.

Peace, V




A great run down of the events over the last week or so, this influx has been a breath of fresh air to the fledgling truth movement on discord. The ruffled feathers was a storm in a teacup and I'm very happy to see everyone pulling together to make Steemit 'the place' where Indy journalists and truthers come to disseminate the truth in a censorship free, supportive environment.
Over time I'm sure the last few weeks will be looked upon as a pivotal time in the history of Steemit.
Thanks for the mention, all your great work, support & encouragement.
You're the best V.

Absolutely, I think you're right that this moment in time may signal a turning point in the history of Steemit and for our growing community.

Thanks for your great insights as always.

Great comment! =)

Smashing comment and article. I am welcoming everybody, I have just learnt about.

What a cool term “Indy Journalismn”.
Yeah we are REAL :) and honest!

I still can’t believe to be a part of “changing history”. So grateful to be even mentioned and “thanked for”.
I am super proud of every single one on this platform, hanging in there, through All Ups and downs, for sure exciting rollercoaster rides, without falling off.
Don’t forget, that we are STILL in BETA :) @jockey
What’s that discord channel @v4vapid ?

There are many, come along to the truth thread in the PAL server in discord and you'll find us all. Suzie has set up another server too.

Thanks for this

You're so welcome, the more the merrier.
Hope to see you there 😉

Hello! Is the discord open for anyone to join? Would be nice to chat with some people :)

Yes mate, you can find a link at the bottom of all my posts, just click on it and come and join us!

Vapid, you are just the coolest.

Not a damn thing I've done on or for Steemit would have happened without the support of you, @ausbitbank and @an0nkn0wledge.

Everything that's happened since can be directly attributed to your positive energy, generosity, and straight up good karma.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person. It gives me faith in the world at a desperately needed time!

Thanks for the kind words @suzi3d, we've been working hard to get the community to where it is today. I'm so happy to see things starting to come to fruition, it's really amazing to see. Actually, it's hard to keep up with all the new developments.
I hope we can all work together to make this platform better and a haven from the rampant censorship happening across the internet atm.

Thanks for coming and bringing all your wonderful friends with you!
You're doing a stand up job promoting Steemit everywhere!

I'm really stoked, as this year is shaping up to be something epic.

And by the way - I think you just schooled us on the optimal way to present content on Steemit!! Love it.

Lol, it's all trial and error ;)

Hi Suzi3d, I just read about you in Vapid's excellent and encouraging post, and want to say that the world needs more people who have the courage of their convictions, like you. There is nothing I respect and admire more. I am new to Steemit and have yet to figure out a whole lot, but one thing I know for sure is that I am grateful to have found you all. It is the first place on the internet that I feel comfortable to share on without having to second guess everything I want to say, until there seems to be no point in posting at all! Steemit is The New Frontier, and every blog has the potential to become a flourishing boom town.

living a lie.jpg

The tide is truly turning and the floodgates are opening. Way to break it down @v4vapid! This is truly exciting to see it all laid out like this!!!

I came to Steemit about a week ago because I heard I could get paid for writing what I want. It's clear that I'm not going to make money any time soon, but am staying because I want to be a part of the revolution. I am writing for myself with my strongest ambition being to build up some SP.

I've been disillusioned with the web for a while now, meanwhile what I was looking for was right under my nose. I can't stomach traditional or social media services anymore. My love affair with Google is dead. Nuking FB later this week.

steemit can be rough going in the beginning, believe me I know from experience. Think about joining the MSP support network on Discord - The minnow support project. it's a great initiative for newcomers.

Thank you for this reference. I'll look into it.

Don't loose heart my brother! Welcome to Steemit you will find amazing people and liberation here! I have UPvoted you and am following your work! I will resteem some of your posts starting now - I hope it helps! Keep your pecker UP! 😉

Thanks you, am also following you. My voting power should work again in a few days...

Two days now for me. Heard about it from a friend. I completely agree with your viewpoint on traditional social media. I've had the same hopes for my writing as well, for years, never found a good place to contribute, though, maybe more-so a right enough place. And yeah, now, I too, feel like staying here regardless of the outcome. It's different here, in a very interesting way. I think this post by @v4vapid illustrates a number of the reasons; content/voices I've not even come close to delving into. I'm definitely looking forward to all I've yet to discover.

I know exactly how you feel. I think of Steemit as being The New Frontier, and you bet I want to be a part of the virtual wild west. Now we have to start building our boom towns.

There are so many great and talented people coming to the platform, but as far as conspiracy, underground or ACTUAL journalism, @v4vapid you are absolutely my go to hub to find them all. And with this post you have outdone yourself. I actually feel like I am learning the underground of steemit through you, and reading your not-comprehensive list of alt-news contributors, I am witness to the furious flow of free information for maybe the first time in my life, and it's exhilarating as I realize that I have deeply pored through the works of many of the various authors whom you have listed. I also want to thank you for your intense curation of the platform, I find your upvotes in the most unexpected and welcome places, and whereas most whales would be looking for the easy route at this point, it seems that you are just getting started in a way. I really admire this new internet that is being created in front of my eyes everyday, it is such a honor and pleasure to be a part of it.
I hope to do much more investigative and journalistic video coverage in the future, and of course everyone listed is deeply inspiring that mission.

To @v4vapid and everyone listed in the above: I absolutely salute!

Thanks for your great comment...I appreciate it very much.
There are times when I'm very excited about the future of Steemit and times when I'm more pessimistic, i guess today would be the former. lol
There are some excellent content creators on Steemit who are not well known but perhaps as steemit grows they'll see more appreciation of their work :)

I think Steemit could be a great platform for alternative media.
Especially because it is full free speech.
But for a platform to read news from one specific person each time, I don't think Steemit is that
user friendly.

If I where the creator of Steemit, I'd change the feed up a bit of the people I follow. Like the subscriber tab on youtube, so you can see the newest content of the people you follow better and more organized so you wouldn't have to scroll that much.

Maybe also give the reader the option to categorize the people he follows into specific sections. Like the ability to put all the alternative media people into a news tab.

I think that would make it easier for the reader to find the posts of specific users, since to me when I open the feed in Steemit, I see all the newest post from the people I follow in a long list now, and I just randomly pick from the top ones because I don't have the time to go through all of them and read all of them.

But I'd be one of those people that would go into my news tab and see what my favorite news writers would have to say if it becomes difficult to search and scroll through all the haze.

Very interesting and helpful. Thank you for sharing! :D

Fantastic news, great to see Steemit community growing with quality content creators. Hope to see more areas developing too, talking to a few people from music industry myself and I'm very positive about it.

thanks for sharing this @v4vapid, its REALLY good to know this is happening.. i have been wondering whether 'influential' people would start to join us here, it does seem the perfect platform in SO many ways!!

I’m am pleased to see so many respected journalists and writers landing here. I hope they will enjoy adding original content.

During last two months, the price of almost all mainstream coins went up, but Steem price has gone 5,6 or 7 times up. This is making Steemit rank high even in US where it hit 500 mark. Steemit is without a doubt, the best investment in current times. Excellent post @v4vapid.

Steem On!

Indeed, the surge of truth revealers and seekers continue to come to Steemit V4vapid. Thank you for the mention above. Also wanted to recommend the indefatigable @PatrickLancaster who is providing first person reports from Ukraine and is the only western reporter on the ground in the breakaway regions.

One other thing for you, some Sunday morning comedy gold. Thought you might like this. I put it together last night and Vanessa Beeley and other important voices on Syria are already sharing it. Prepare to have your mind blown and enjoy the ride ! (All set to Benny Hills theme music)

Hadi and The White Helmet Boys - Hero's by Day, Terrorists by Night!

Oh, and I almost forgot. :) Upvoting and Resteeming your excellent post!

I will add Patrick to the list, thanks!

It's great to see the censorship arrogance of youtube, twitter and facebook spectacularly backfiring in their faces. Oh well their loss is our gain, as soon as word that steemit is the place to come for uncensored and unfiltered opinion and news reaches the public consciousness this wave is going to turn into a tsunami.

For me the platform represents one of the last bastions of free speech and as time moves on I can see it beome a magnet for free thinkers the world over. In a few years we may have to pinch ourselves at how lucky we were to be here during it's formative years. I sense great things for this platform and I'm proud to be a part of it. Thank you for the mention @v4vapid and I would like to offer a huge welcome to independent journalists and open minds the world over. Steem on my friends!!

Censorship arrogance

That's a great way of putting it succinctly, captures exactly the atmosphere being created by the tech giants who seemed to have lost their way.

Don't be evil...

I truly hope that steemit can remain a bastion of free speech and a place for the free flow of ideas.
There's still a long way to go for Steemit to reach its full potential but this is a good sign :)

I can see this creating a snow ball effect for google/youtube, i.e in order to increase revenue from the lost ad's they will have to increase adverts for the content providers that meet their new censorship regulations. Over time this will annoy many viewers whom will also start to look for alternatives.

Equally, when you see businesses taking decisions that go against the very definitions of business practice (deliberately losing customers) then you can see that their reason for being has always been about the eventual control of information and the policing of speech. Joining steemit and meeting people like yourself has been like a breath of fresh air to me, a perfect antedote to rotting stench of msm. Thanks again my friend.

It's crazy how fast Steemit has taken over every aspect of how I get my news. It use to be all Facebook and Youtube, but I literally haven't actually looked at my Facebook timeline for over a month, because there's no need to.

Most of what I would see was just garbage click bait type shit, and maybe once in a while get some actual REALLY good articles, but on here?? Good articles left and right, especially with you, @v4vapid, resteeming so many of them. It's been fantastic.

Welcome to all of you fantastic journalists!! Going to follow right now, if vapid says you're legit, I have faith, lol. Appreciate another great article!

Thanks @jamesgetsit, I'm just trying to pass on the best articles I come by on the platform. I definitely miss some gems but I'm constantly on the lookout.

Great to see more recognised names on here - this will only continue, it didn't take more than a few weeks for that with onewards!

Wow man! Great post promoting new steemit talent as well as giving some love to the many hard working steemians who've helped to build this community.

I think that we are finally starting to see the proverbial snow ball roll down hill, growing in size and speed. it couldn't of happened without people like yourself working hard to bring exceptional content to the platform.

Big thanks for throwing me in there as well brotha! lol

Tons of people to follow now! :) ... Dang, I Remember watching @leecamp videos wayyyy back when, Glad to see him on steemit!

@leecamp is hilarious, I also use to watch him before he was on RT but I don't have a tv so I don't get to watch Redacted that often.Just watched one of his more recent videos and it was very funny. I gotta check him out more often.

I love that fact that so many well respected writers and journalists are joining steemit, but I do have one comment. If we want new followers to join steemit shouldn't we be trying to appeal more to mainstream instead of heavily censored content? Now, don't get me wrong, everything is welcome on steemit, it's a decentralized free network, but I'm just thinking that steemit needs mainstream adoption to grow. I believe this is the way to make this platform reach 1 Billion users one day. If anybody has any thoughts or opinion about this, please share them with me. I love hearing new points of view :)

Each to his/her own.

Who would you like to see from the mainstream more specifically?

I'm of the opinion that Steemit is not yet ready for mainstream adoption, there are too many pressing issues that need to be taken care of before mass adoption can occur. Issues of inequality, flagging, scams, bots and abuse are still very real threats that need to be addressed by the leadership and the community as a whole before marketing the platform to the mainstream. If these issues are not dealt with, then when millions of people flock to steemit they will see that Steemit is an oligarchic system presided over by a small number of whales with immense power. I do not think the masses will want to participate in such an ecosystem in the long run. But this is only my opinion.

thanks for the interesting comment

I totally agree with what you said. I even wrote a post about how steemit currently isn't fair because the whales are using the system for their own benefit (up-voting each other) instead of searching for innovative creators in the NEW sections that are being under voted or are just not known yet. Right now steemit it is only partially decentralized but the whales can fix a few issues on the network by searching for new content, resteeming, and up-voting good creators. At the end of the day, steemit is still in beta and it's a long term project. It's kinda sad to realize that humans are the main issue not the system. The issue isn't in centralization, it's in us (though decentralization helps a ton). Thank you for replying. you made much better points than I did. let's just hope this issues get "fixed", so we can be ready for mass adoption.

Great post btw

Yeah I think there are lots of people who join and leave because of what he said, actually probably most of them, I only stayed because I like a challenge. Why would whales change a game that's rigged in their favor? It's been that way since the beginning of the platform, nothing about the way it was handled was ever designed to make you or me rich, lol.

This is probably one of those moments you wish you could turn back time and be here since day one. You would have been making thousands!

Edit: or a had a few million dollars to throw into the system.

My ultimate goal isn't to be a billionaire amongst a bunch of poor people. Trickle-down has never worked and it doesn't really work here either.

Fair point, but when you're a whale, you can help other minnows out. Be a billionaire so you can help others out because as a minnow, you really don't have that much power/influence to make a difference.

I really liked your post here @saitou everything you said and I would add the words 'and exploitation' at the very end after your word adoption. My response to v4vapid's whale(s) bonbons tribute is way down this comments list but I highlighted my comment with a noise track v4vapids self-congratulatory post reminds me of and most Steemians would be familiar with.

Interesting points. I have been thinking that in order for the platform to grow to fit a wider audience that it needs a bit of a makeover facade wise. Namely, I think the right and left blank portions of the page could be much better put to use for ease of access to other parts of the block chain. For example, small colorful link-to boxes for DTube, Sounds, Busy, Discord, etc. These would enhance the user experience and bring more "life" to the page, essentially making ones page a "be-all" hub. It would also be cool if small notifier pops up were to the right hand (similar to Facebook) that would allow users to see when people they are following are posting new items. Too many ideas to mention, but there is definitely room to improve the face of the platform. @heimindanger an @DTube have done amazing things in a short period of time. What they have done is phenomenal. It would be great to see something on the same par with Steemit account pages. Just wanted to add that. As far as MSM goes, they are busy loosing credibility, coming apart and falling from grace.......lets let them continue to do such and enjoy the show. :)

Excellent! I will be looking into and following these wonderful Steemians! Upvoted and resteemed with love from Bangkok! 😉

Highly rEsteemed!
So nice to see such a thorough rundown of the participants who will disruptively change the way we view media.

Very Bookmarked ❤️😎🙏🥓

You've been all over the net promoting Steemit while also admitting it's flaws, nice to hear you on @lifttheveil411's videos recently. Keep up the good fight.

YOU Sir are a Hero in my book!
(you helped me mum start her retirement)
Highest regards ; )


They are all welcome to steemit where they are free to share contents heavily censored in other media. The future is decentralised and steemit already acknowledges this future as it is on the forefront of the decentralised media. What would it take to get Assange on steemit? I think we could do that. Thanks for sharing.

I have to concede that i'm not au fait with the indy media club at all, I thought Indy was a 500 lap race, or some 90's UK music genre :)

It looks like this post has gathered a few more intelligent, disobedient, rogue writer types. We're gonna need a bigger boat! :D

And I have to agree with @suzi3d's comment, whenever I see posts/comments from yourself on our Blockchain, they are always put across the right way.

Thank you!

Oddly enough, if i were to use the terms 'alternative media' instead that might also evoke thoughts of the 90's music scene ;)

Our friend @fulltimegeek is a big reason many early YT content producers found their way to Steemit, standup guy through and through.

Thanks for dropping by!

Yes, 'alternative' was my most popular genre, at least until Dido made her way there :D

I've spotted @fulltimegeek doing much work on Twitter recently, but wasn't aware of his early recruitment to the platform. I thank him weekly for his delegation efforts, pure generosity and foresight, and a Steem/it legend to me.

Same, and thank you :)

I like thanks for sharing

Seeing some bigger names from all sorts of backgrounds and social media sites come to Steemit, sharing what they already do elsewhere but to an even more amazing platform, this is what it's all about. All this growth, the attention, the gathering of even more people helping Steemit grow, this is amazing news.

I welcome all the big names who have seen Steemit for what it is and why it is the next big thing that is around for good!

Thanks for the shout out, and for a few more folks to follow. I was a bit surprised to find I hadn't followed some people I surely should have been, and to find more I didn't know were here.

It is exciting to find so many great minds thinking clearly about tremendously important issues we are facing in a changing world. It is also concerning that so few outlets for our research and voices exist.

I have long sought to encourage folks to create alternatives while we still can, for the same reason we have spare tires, and extra clips. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube aren't allies in this war for information, and we need more.

Thanks for all your hard work, and insight you share.

First, I must apologize as you've left some excellent comments on my previous posts and I haven't had the time reply. I think you're right, we need several more platforms similar to Steemit, preferable blockchains, where open minded discussion and free speech is protected.

Glad you found some new people to follow here, that's what i was hoping to accomplish by highlighting the growth of the community.

Just another example of the opportunity the steem blockchain offer.

This is only going to increase over the next few months with the reported censorship moves of both Facebook and Google. Each is embarking upon a campaign to silence those who do not fit their views. Couple that with the fact that YouTube is really putting the screws to the smaller content creators, and I think there is a recipe for a great deal of success.

I love that people with a following are starting to find this blockchain. We are giving a voice to those who were/are muted by the mainstream.

This is sorely needed in this world. The banksters have a way of hijacking even the alt-news with their money and influence. On here, it is untouchable. Their money serves no purpose.

Congrats to all who had a hand in laying the foundation to attract these individuals to this platform.

Well said, censorship on other platforms is fueling Steemit's growth and appeal. I also agree that the recent influx of new steemians is a sign of what's to come.

There's something beautiful about rewarding each other on the blockchain, I hope that Steemit stays advertisement free although maybe some would consider that 'censorship'.

I guess that would depend upon what you mean by advertising....

If "advertising" is posts up that are nothing more than spammy ads, then I would say it is we have tools for that.

If you mean Steemit selling ads on the side frames, then no I would not call that censorship...

I guess a big question in that debate is who is being censored. If we take the approach individuals should not be censored, then we create a forum where people can post what they want. However, do we give corporations the same right. One of the downfalls in the US is a corporation has the rights of a person.

So do we allow corporations to have accounts and post ads? Or is that only reserved for the individual?

Personally, I am all for giving rights to the individuals....but not the corporations.

I totally agree that corporations should not have the same rights as human beings.

It really is an interesting topic to think about, as we know FB has corporate accounts that you can like and follow.

I think it should be a community decision but if there was a ban on corporate accounts then I'm sure they'd work on finding marketing strategies to have their products and services promoted in some way.

Personally, I'm with you. I don't want to see corporate advertising on Steemit now or in the future.

I moved here from a big following on Instagram, mainly because I was sick of seeing an advertisement every third picture! My Facebook feed is similar and my business page is forced to pay money just to get my posts in front of people that have indicated that they want to see my posts in the first place.

Advertising is a disease that will spread once it gets any foothold. Censorship will become more prevalent when advertising works best on certain posts, which will favour fund generating material and silence those that can't turn a profit for corporations.

The day we see advertising on Steemit, that isn't part of the natural order of posting to a blog, will be to beginning of the end of this social media sanctuary.

The advantage the blokchcain has is that if Steemit does opt to go that route, anyone else can throw up an interface to access the same information that does not include advertising.

Unlike Facebook which monopolizes all data, on here, it is open. The interfaces are only a tool to access the blockchain.

It's an important issue, and one that seems impossible to resolve.

At some levels, all human communication can be seen as advertising. Discussing whether equal amounts of matter and antimatter were created when the universe began (if it began) can be considered advertising for one side or the other.

Defining advertising is therefore critical to deciding what advertising is acceptable.

I see a lot of posts that are advertising, in the widely acceptable definition. People advertise ICO's, cryptos, businesses, groups, and political positions constantly on Steemit.

A corporation is far more easily defined. However, telling a corporation from a person on Steemit is pretty much impossible. We can't even tell bots from people.

There are folks on Steemit that frankly state they are professional censors. @bloom's about me blurb states they are a 'paid flagger'. Questions on how to deal with such issues are bound to be difficult to answer in a way that doesn't prevent free speech.

I reckon free speech doesn't include paid speech, and that's where I'd draw the line, myself.

I think I know what one of topics I am going to post on in the next couple days will be.

Absolutely, the community should decide. That is the way it should be from this point forward.

Once question that comes to my mind as corporations shift to DAOs is what impact does that have, if any? Not so much on Steemit, per se, but advertising in general? I seems as if competition is a human need, will computers adhere to the same idea? I mean, does IBM's Watson feel like it is in a race against Amazon's Einstein?

It is possible as DAOs emerge, we are more efficient with resources, hence do not need duplicate companies. If a DAO is programmed to work as efficiently as possible, do we need multiple ones?

Another interesting topic to ponder.

I'll keep an eye out for that post!

My plan is to have it up tomorrow morning.


Love To Everyone

Thank you so much for the mention @v4vapid!

We're so happy to be joining this platform, with so many other amazing journalists. Now it's time to follow them all :-)

Cool, you're welcome. People are very excited to have @antimedia here!

Nice one @v4vapid!

It's exciting times for the future of indy-media!
and for steemit in general!

Feel very honored to be on that list!

Big Respect!

Thank you my friend! I'm honored to be part of such a steemed aggregation of writers!

Thank you for useful info!

Long and contains all these posts. Very complete and very appropriate with the theme of the story.

Indeed a best platform without censorship and with huge rewards...what more could we ask for...

I've really enjoyed watching Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp. The guy gets targeted by the mainstream media for doing a show on RT so I think he will find this platform really valuable in getting his message across without any spin.

DemolitionRanch Youtuber with millions of subs just joined Steemit 6 days ago and is now posting gun videos to dtube.

The word is getting out to these big youtubers about alternatives to youtube I bet more demonitized youtubers will come over if we give Matt a big welcome to the platform.

Ok I'm not familiar with Demolition Ranch but will have a look.
And damnit I forgot to add your name to the list, will edit now.
Thanks for all your great contributions!

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Steemit is getting more and more exciting!

Something like what?

Well, he exudes the complexities inherent in the archetypal Jewish momma's boy so well, that if I had to read 'Portnoy's Complaint' again (and I only just realized this) I would picture him as Alexander.
What I meant was that he is such a character and he gives such depth to the role of the cheeky yet thoughtful, critical, caring, loyal, charismatic, dramatic, analytical, endearing, passionate character that is Schmidt.
Even when he isn't talking, every move, gesture, pose or facial expression is so defined and imbued with his energy, he keeps me riveted.
So, yeah, he's really something. Don't you agree?
mYjUNdSzK/maxresdefault.jpg) maxresdefault.jpg![1918812.jpg]


Thanks for saying so. Wasn't it worth a vote?

hahahaha....really dear????

This is amazing. Thank you so much for your post. It is so exciting to find such a dynamic community that feel the urgency for change. There is nothing worse than the suppression of knowledge and the way people are manipulated by misinformation. I am new to Steemit and there is a lot I don't understand, but one thing is clear after reading your post - Steemit is THE NEW FRONTIER, with every blog a new boom town in the virtual wild west and it is great to be part of it.


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Spam posts like this risk getting flagged.

Before you make another comment, please read some of the many excellent steemit guides. Here are some examples which are particularly relevant to you

If you liked the blog but have nothing interesting to add, then an upvote is generally sufficient.

thanks for the advise next time i will be careful

Steemit is the new wave of social networks, and the opportunity for professionals in journalism and social communication to present their ideas!!!

what a nice post @v4vapid . i really like your Shifting Tides: The Indy Media Explosion on Steemit post. thanks for share the post.

My only fear is that with all these professionals coming to Steemit that the average Joe will no longer be able to get much traction unless he steps up his game.

Your writing is really a beautiful and clean mind telling you, its a really good news for all steemars @v4vapid
its really helpfull & informative post here

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I wish I had such a facilitator. I know these guys have proved themselves elsewhere. But its always good to lookup to someone when you are new somewhere. Initial hand holding doesn't make you feel lost.
I appreciate your effort.

Awesome news, extraordinary to see Steemit people group developing with quality substance makers. Would like to see more zones growing as well, conversing with a couple of individuals from music industry myself and I'm exceptionally positive about it.

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This has been a long time coming and wide range of Steemians have played their part in bringing about this monumental shift across platforms. More on that in a moment.
I want to take a moment to recognize a few Steemians who have dedicated a lot of blood sweat and tears to make this a reality.
Thanks brother for the initiative. Steemit has also becoming a learning school for me. I am grateful.

Thanks for this indymedia news update providing.... i appreciate this steemit.

Has anyone besides me noticed the irony of someone named v4vapid writing this kind of peacock promoting/preening bag over the head deep, deep ingestion any saxophone player would be damn proud of.. a self promoting exercise in navel gaze-esque I would say but nobody's askin' me..right???

I felt better after finishing this post..thanks for sharing..

@suborna77 (35) Looking at your other comments, many of them seem to say the same thing - that you feel better after reading it. How much better can you feel?

What was your opinion of this blog?

Do you have any tips on what makes a good comment?

I think this spamming issue goes away a little after universal basic income+better education systems in place in some areas so general reading and writing comprehension goes up around the world. But it's good to see you actually trying to get them to engage.

very interesting post and update

@markop (45). Your comment above looks very spammy.

I looked at your other comments and they are similar in style, not including any intelligent or interesting discussion about the blogger’s topic. You don’t include anything to even show the authors that you read their blog.

This reeks of insincerity and laziness. It looks like you are trying to draw attention to yourself, probably hoping for upvotes or follows.

Spam posts like this risk getting flagged.

Before you make another comment, please read some of the many excellent steemit guides. Here are some examples which are particularly relevant to you

If you liked the blog but have nothing interesting to add, then an upvote is generally sufficient.

SO EXCITING to be part of this movement!

I love the picture you used to go along with your post! resteemed!

Love your work V - thanks for the updates. Big year for STEEMIT ahead!

anyone who wants real news should be following all of those people listed, I know I have watched quite a few while i was watching ewetube thank you for putting this all together, I was wondering if some were over here. Glad I found this post! Bookmarked for future reference thanks

Thank you for this!!!!! resteeming!

steemit indeed become the pride of the community, in addition to profitable also can add knowledge, give many acquaintances, and can express themselves through post-post, thanks steemit ,,

Wow thats pretty amazing V4VAPID! I always appreciate reading your articles, so much effort in each posting! I also appreciate those "shout-outs" to smaller content creators. It's gestures like that that keep STEEMIT users hungry to create! ALOHA! RESTEEMED!

Seeing some bigger names from all sorts of backgrounds and social media sites come to Steemit, sharing what they already do elsewhere but to an even more amazing platform, this is what it's all about. All this growth, the attention, the gathering of even more people helping Steemit grow, this is amazing news.

I welcome all the big names who have seen Steemit for what it is and why it is the next big thing that is around for good!

Greeting from me .. you be more effect positive to me ... i like you

roflmao now I see what you really are v4

et tu, eh?

my work is more significant than the sum total of what you have posted here.


people who are unable to answer questions are cops or worse and there are about 20 of them in this posting.

everyone who reads this has been warned. im out.

edit: if you want to see some real news sources posted on steemit, try here:

Good to see! 2018 is gonna be a good year for truth tellers and steemit!

Hi, I like lizard people.... They are cool

There is no doubt that future belongs to steemit and there are many people who are working really hard at own respective ends to promote this beautiful platform as much as they can, yes @suzi3d is one of them, Weldon Suzi :)

Thank you so much @v4vapid for knowing us the other side of steemit that how people are devoted to promote this wonderful platform :)

This is a new round of an eternal spiral)
External struggle is vain and there is no end to it. Beauty comes from overcoming your ignorance...

A very informative article. Thank you for bringing these things to our attention.

good on your a page :)

I heard of steemit from a friend and at the first instance I wasn't interested in it but then I thought we are in a growing world and times are changing where you no longer need to do business to make money where you no longer need to dress and go out for work but you can stay in the comfort of your home and make it. I'm glad to be part of this great revolution.

All this does prove and put more and more faith in this awesome community. I am sure each one of us is investing valuable time and resources into this platform and somewhere down the line everyone thinks it should pay off in long run. Well, movements such as these does keep you inspired and trust/believe in the community more and more. Thank you for sharing and keeping us motivated.

good post tnx. for sharing..this news...

@afrinsultana (26) What is your opinion of this blog? Do you think it as going to attract more jounalists? Are they better here, or where they come from? Is commenting beneficial to bloggers?

yeah..i think..that..dear..but i am not shure...whats your opinion??? dear..about this blog???

My opinion is that you didn’t read the blog.

I read this blog & then..i reply dear...why u think..that???...

@afrinsultana I will... give... you an... upvote.. because your... use of 'dear' too..funny.


Thank you for the list of people to follow. 😀

This is an amazing and very inspirational post @v4vapid thank you so much for sharing. I know I have found a good post, and someone I need to upvote and follow- when the post is so rich in content and hyperlinks- that I must resteem it. Simply for the fact I can’t read it all now and will have to revisit it. Simply because I want to share it with my friends and follows etc I need to check out some of this indie journalism as well . Much love - salutes 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🎯🧐💡🚀D9CC7673-348C-4979-882E-D9CDBCA2D277.gif

So it begins... this is a really exciting time for the network. Though I'm spending my time immersed in the growing photography community (there's great potential there as well), I'm glad see more independent journalists flock here - and I expect it's merely the turning of a demonetization-driven spring tide. We're in a good position to draw big names to the network, so long as a better alternative doesn't present itself.

Bastante extenso el post, con la info muy bien detallada. Me gusta la organizacion que tiene este articulo

I agree with your opinion that in Aceh steemit users are getting more and more and changing their lives, steemit can reduce poverty and unemployment in Aceh. now in Aceh all people use steemit applications

Good one collections

Great content. I am new to the whole steemit community but I am very glad I am apart of the future! keep doing your thing!! :)

I feel like I've joined at a really exciting time for steem. So far this platform has been incredibly welcoming to me and my story. I'm certain that the last fortnight is the just the start of my journey as a steemian. Rock on indie creators!

Steemit means you can make a difference.

That says it all - and tells you it's the future of social media.

We have all had enough of the government/corporate BS, constantly being pushed down our throats.

Less and less people believe the propaganda and a social platform that is uncensored is the only way forward...

welcome to steemit....