Some good news about 2021

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We hoped to see you today but it wasn't to be, however ─ here is the good news about next year

We're pleased to announce that although we have been quiet, we have been busy working with artists and event organizers to reschedule the performances and events we had planned for this year's DunsPlayFest, that has been unable to take place due to COVID-19. However, everyone scheduled to perform this year will perform next year and we have a full programme for 2021.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the Volunteer Hall Duns in the first week of May 2021, for another eight day festival of drama featuring new work from Borders' playwrights and a fringe programme of live music, comedy, workshops, talks, cabarets, community events and parties. The new festival date is

May 1st ─ 8th, 2021

We will get back to you with more news later this year, meanwhile here are a few previews from our programme.

Best wishes and keep safe.

Duns Players
Two Destination Language
Devised and performed by Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie

The performers have a difficult story to tell. They come on stage and launch themselves into an hour-long attempt to put into words the utterly unspeakable.
This is performance piece that packs a punch - transforming your very sense of what it is to be a mother, a father, a child. And you’ll leave more fully alive than ever
Written and performed by John McEwen

What is Scotland actually like? Is Scotland like anything? As a history of Scottish Literature comes cascading out of a large box, John McEwen puts the question to the audience: 'Country: Scotland. Whit like is it?'
Written and performed by Lea Taylor and Nicola Wright

Anyone with a love, fascination or curiosity about dogs ─ this is the show for you. A fun, audience-participatory event, venturing into a world seen through the eyes of dogs! Utterly barking stories to lift the heart, laugh out loud, cry and reconsider the value of man and woman’s best friend.
Written by Jane Houston Green
Performed by Nick Tomlin and Jane Houston Green

An older couple are backpacking around West Africa when they are abandoned in their truck on a remote dirt road. As night descends over the surrounding bushland, are the rebel factions, local bandits and poisonous snakes more of a threat than the gremlins that emerge from their long-term relationship?

A workshop for all ages run by Ruth KirkpatrickJoin international storyteller Ruth Kirkpatrick for a morning of story and craft. Bring an old A5 envelope and transform it into a puppet. Hear an action-packed traditional story, then help Ruth retell the story with your puppet in hand.
All ages welcome. Children must have adult supervision. Craft materials provided.


The coronavirus has affected people far and wide, but this is news to me about the theatre. I hope that eventually the “Show will go on”.

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