Why is the Syrian Army Fighting to Keep Assad in Power?

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The title here is from an actual question asked on the pro Zionist Quora wiki Q & A platform, and the question comes from Donbass, Ukraine, out of all other places on Earth.

The full question was like this: What drives the morale of Bashar al-Assad's forces, and how can they be persuaded to abandon his fight to remain in power?

Since I was tagged to answer, I left an answer I'll copy below this, but also found that most of those who answered wrote the same disagreeing about the question itself. So this is what I wrote:

I’m Syrian and I guess I have more knowledge about Syria than the vast majority of others talking about my country here, I can confirm you there’s no such thing as ‘Bashar al-Assad’s forces’, never heard of them not now, not during the 8.5 years war and never before.

I know there are the Syrian Armed Forces comprising of the Syrian Arab Army, the security forces that also include what we call Interior Security Forces (Police - Intelligence - Counter Terrorism…) and during the war the NDF: National Defense Forces, but none of them calls themselves as ‘Bashar al-Assad Forces’!

As for the question if you fix its wording: What drives the morale of the Syrian forces to fight? They’re defending their families, their country, their land, their heritage, and their future from foreign-waged War of Terror led by the USA and its stooges.

You can ask what drives the morale of the Trump forces or forces of the regime of Elizabeth the Second to fight wars across the planet to loot and destroy in favor of a few elite, that is more logical and doesn’t really have an answer.

Read: Heroism and Bravery of the Syrian Arab Army - Hezbollah Top Official

End of my answer there

Your objective comments are always welcomed.

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In English, whenever you put a question, it (almost always) has to be a full sentence, which also must contain a verb:

In your title:

Why is the Syrian ...

You always make that mistake and it looks unprofessional.

Hi, @felixxx. Was just about to respond to @arabisouri, when I saw your helpful comment.

In English, we don't "put" questions. We formulate them, or make or suggest.

You might be right on your final comment, felixxx, but to leave that as the first post everyone sees, not sure if it's going to provide the benefit for your friend you surely intended it to have.

let me make you a question then:

How would you have put your answer ?

Well, @felixxx, I had actually gotten into a longwinded response. Thank you for saving me from that. Seriously. I was suggesting to just add an "S" on the end of Fight. I also suggested in the now-erased redundant response that your solution worked perfectly well. Of course, there was a bit of sarcasm in my reply to you. But, credit where credit is due. Your honesty made the best of the situation. And the edit looks great. Thanks, man.

I feel like this needs some more explanation.

To me, here on Steem, if I give an author a full upvote on his post and thereby at least some cents, I feel like that means much more than a slightly rude comment.

The author and I are not friends but I appreciate his viewpoint about Syria, as it gives me a new perspective, often.
I also appreciate his blunt style and I assume he doesn't mind if I respond in a similar fashion.

TL;DR: actions speak louder than words.
I have the biggest upvote on the post so far, so I feel it's fair to correct him this directly.

It's rare to find people here who actually read the content, analyze it and care enough to comment @felixxx, if you noticed at the end of my posts of recently I'm writing 'your objective comments are always welcomed.'

I do appreciate your attention and criticism. Do keep in mind that English is my 3rd language and I so struggle with its grammar, nevertheless, I've started a trend in the early days of real Syrians writing to defend their country from this unjust war of terror waged against us by almost everybody. That time there wasn't much writing in English giving the other perspective about what's happening, you'd only find thousands of posts daily in English parroting the Pentagon propaganda.

And btw, I'm not a journalist either but had to write as I cannot join the battle directly, even though I had my share in the earlier wave of terror 1967 - 1982 and later in the early 90s. So, it's already a challenge to write, additional challenge to write in English, added challenge to get the correct info, and then the biggest challenge to allocate time for all of that as writing doesn't really provide an income and I end up most of the months paying from my pocket to cover the hosting for the site, the hosting of videos, and even the connection online.

In conclusion, please carry on with your comments about the content, the wordings, grammar, and I'm really happy when having people challenging my narrative and news, it means people care enough to seek the truth.

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English isn't my first language either and I mainly wanted to help out and just did not care to fluff it all up.

I hope you can keep going and that there will be peace.

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Hi, @arabisouri. I was looking for an email on Syria News. Have some other ideas and things to discuss.

It doesn't appear people fully realize how fortunate they are to be receiving news articles from a war zone on the other side of the world, and from a genuine Syrian journalist, who represents the opinion of the average Syrian. This statement is backed up by legitimate Western journalists, of whom we know there are too few, including Eva Bartlett and Tom Duggan.

Anyway, know your work is appreciated. I had to abort my long-winded response now that the screen is refreshed and felixxx has a question. ><

>Edit< to be clear, the above commentary is not directed at @felixxx, it's to Westerners.

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