The nation state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony - Not globalism

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I am not making this post just for America - it applies to every nation worldwide

I offer information, not so as to convert you to my way of thinking, but in the hope it makes you aware that you need to do your own research and find out what is really wrong with our world. Find out why children 50 years ago were rarely obese and even more rarely suffered from astham or were diabetic. Find out why brain damaged children, from a handful (less than 10) in 10,000 , have grown to be close to 43% of all children in the USA - and I suppose in many other countries. Find out, look deeper than just the explanations of those doing it, why you are being subjected to Chemtrails and why after seeing them, you start having difficulties in breathing.

Please, ask WHY - it is all that is needed for you to save yourself and your family.

I was inspired to create this post by the bold declaration by President Trump:

I am a Nationalist

For all of history, in every single nation, pride in your own country and culture, plus love for them, were admirable qualities. To be considered a traitor to your own country and people was the worst sin you could commit.

Gradually MSM, working with the communists who took over Education, have been busy altering this perspective so as to try to convince each generation that it is wrong, that we must first consider the wellbeing of others - above and beyond our love for our nation or even family.

At last...

For the first time in decades, politicians have begun to stand up for those values that helped us grow and evolve. Orban and Trump, Wilders, Salvini are part of a growing group who value the traditions, religions and customs of their own people - which explains why professors and the MSM hate them so deeply, for they are helping to unravel all our enemies, the MSM and so-called Elite have achieved over the last 100 years.

Ask yourself, if being a Nationalist is so evil, why is it the Feminists, Professors and the MSM all believe in nationalism for the Muslims and Africans (for the Africans, only once they submit to Islam). How can such a basic truth be true only for certain people? There are many videos of Islamic leaders and imams openly declaring that Islam (from Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Iran mainly), are creating Caliphates of all of Europe, Australia, USA - the entire world...but our politicians and MSM claim that it is not evil, what is evil, is us wanting to defend ourselves, to save our Nations !!!

The latest news is that moderate muslims who tried to protest against the extremists were threatened and they cancelled their march - for it is claimed by the extremists that they are evil and the MSM, by remaining silent, support the extremists.

We have all heard the story of the man who told his sons to bring him armfuls of twigs. He then gave each son a twig and told them to break it. They easily did so. He then gave each of them a bunch of twigs and they were unable to break them. He told them that they should remember that united, standing rogether, they are strong.

This is why people from pre-tribal days gathered into tribes and then grew into nations. It was their desire to survive and pass on to future generations the benefits of their hard work, creativity and even sacrifices of life - and for the comfort of knowing their children will survive, free and able to live the lives they choose, according to their own customs and traditions - and according to their own religion, not one imposed upon them by the sword, as Islam and the Koran threatens us.

A very important point for you to consider, which is never mentioned.

It is a fact of life that for anyone to succeed in Corporate life and Banking, they must be ruthless, self-centered and only care about themselves.

Yet, these people scheme and plan, naming themselves the Elite, stating that only they know what is good for us, for we are too stupid, we are even likened to cows, and being impractical and without a vision for the future we must submit to them; we must quietly allow them to damage and kill our children, as they are doing, whether using poisonous chemicals in our food, or through vaccinations and other medications that do not heal, only damage further through so-called side-effects (since they calculated for the 'side-effects' it would be truer to call any healing to be the accidental side-effect).

We Are Waking Up
We Are Angry


And now, at last, we have a few men and women with the courage to fight for and with us. Recently, the people of Sweden had their last chance and they wasted it and now they are being told they must share their homes with Muslims, (read more below, in link) which means they must live according to Muslim laws and submit to being murdered and raped. Do not let this happen to you and your loved ones.

Here are a few news articles from The Voice of Europe which may help fill you with the courage and determination to fight back. There are many more, all you need do is ask and I'll help you find them

About Sweden:

About France:

One last, which is the opposite of the above, but is knowledge it is critical you have. It speaks of a plan created solely for destroying the Western nations.

The Kalergi Plan *:

Please pass on this article to all your friends and family - and ask them in turn to pass it on with the same request. Everyone must know - knowing what the enemy plans is half the battle; you cannot defend yourself effectively if you do not know.

  • If you do not read the article, then at least watch the video:

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)

27th October, 2018

  • posted on Steemit: 27th October, 2018


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Thank you. I usually visit posts when I see your tag, so it is nice to know I too am visible.

Αμφίρροπη μάχη . Είδωμεν...

An excellent post Arthur!

I had no idea about history of the European plan...

Oh my bad!!

Thanks to your comment, I realised I forgot to include the url to the article about the Kalergi plan. I have now rectified my mistake. Please read - and I guarantee you will be shocked at how blatantly they have planned the extinction of our race and nations - even publicly giving each other awards for doing the most to destroy us - like Merkel. I guess Macron is hoping to get it this year.

Anybody who understands what the Kakergi plan means for mankind, will come away from learning about them with a new appreciation of just what Trump has saved the entire planet from.

I keep telling Americans on Gab, he is not just saving you, he is saving all of us.

Wow! That is nothing short of eye opening. Thanks for adding the link!