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RE: You Want The Truth? "You Can't Handle The Truth!" The NWO & The Truth Movement Psyop

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Another truly excellent post my friend! I think the system is certainly on the precipice of change, but what change that is we will find out. The winds are in their sails but they, like mother nature, are unpredictable and can turn on a dime in favor of things they do not anticipate.

Off to read the other one of yours in my queue while I eat, cheers!

@swayzilla this is another guy I love to read, though his posts are more spiritual, esoteric and thought provoking than any of the other things I've shared with you.


Hey @cmplxty .. thanks for taking the time to read/comment and sorry for the late reply but I've been ill! I think there is a strong possibility that the change we see unfolding around us, is akin to a false start and that rather than charging through the front door, the NWO is attempting to sneak in through the kitchen window. Equally, part of this psyop relates to the impression that they're all powerful and that we're powerless .. if that were true, they wouldn't need to spend billions on propaganda and social engineering, hence like you say .. things very much can turn on a dime!

Thanks I've not heard of him before, but I will look into his work .. I'm saving a lot of my spiritual/esoteric ideas back for my book, hence why I've been writing more within this genre. If you've yet to read it the post below is well worth a read and its the sequel to the one world religion post that I think you've read. At the bottom of this post is a link to the last part of the chapter, then at the bottom of that is a link to the short conclusion. Thanks again my friend!

Haha sorry I should have been a bit more specific in my comment, swayzilla is a great personal friend of mine, I was referring him to your blog for him to read.

I heard you were ill! Stomach bugs are the worst. I recently started taking activated charcoal when I feel those types of things coming on and knock on wood so far it’s done amazing at preventing it! The charcoal absorbs the bacteria, it’s a staple in our cabinet now!

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Ah no worries dude and thanks again! Great shout on the charcoal .. I'm all in with natural remedies, in fact I've just brought a book on medicinal & edible wild plants in the British Isles .. great to see the old knowledge is coming back! Equally, painful to see that in retaliation google have weaponised their search engine algorithms to paint a bad picture of organic food and natural medicine! Keep spreading the knowledge my friend. :)