Why people shouldn't be unforgiving to the Liberal / Motor reflex functions / Taken advantage of.

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Now the first thing I am going to tell you is things that I am not. I am not a Lawyer, not a Doctor, and not biologist. What I really am is just extremely interested in everything. So I am not an expert. I don't make any claim to special knowledge. I don't claim that anyone should listen to me cause I know more than you B.S. I think everyone should build the motor reflex function of finding things out for themselves. Why? Cause it is way harder to lie to someone who checks. Ninety % of the liar's  might not get away with it if people would just check things out for themselves. 

Lots of people get mad, because some people will say things that prove they are unable to use logic and reason.

It is my experience that in general we are really speaking about specific moments in time. Really if a person put's their heart, mind, and soul into doing a thing, generally they can. Especially if it is a physical thing like learning how to throw a baseball. This is actually do to the neural pathways of the brain being used so much, that the brain creates motor reflex functions. The more you practice throwing a baseball the better you get at it and I think it is largely do to the neural plasticity of the brain. You know the brains ability to reorganize itself.

Some people think the brains ability to reorganize itself comes about only after injury. I don't think that at all. For one when I learned to throw a baseball I wasn't injured. For another thing I have learned many things while not being injured and my brain had to have reorganized itself for me to learn. The thing about motor reflex function, which I think are a outgrowth of practice doing anything, including thinking in a new way, is that in truth, motor reflex function are habits. What we do as a matter of habit, builds neural pathways and than motor reflexes do to the neural plasticity of the brain. Now I am gonna say something that many will not think true.

If you habitually look away when something makes you feel bad. You will build the neural pathways and if you keep doing so, you will build a motor reflex function. I think by the habit of looking away when something makes you feel bad, can also be triggered by just the feeling bad. I have asked myself the question : Can this be directed and controlled like puppets on a string. I think the answer to that is in studying advertisement. You see there always using music, which has the tendency to cause a trance state of mind. As evidence think of all the half off commercials they show on T.V. and now the internet. 

So what does this have to do with us being forgiving of the liberal mind set? I wonder if the Gun's Kill thinking was programed into people in the following manor. 

Well what if you have established the feel bad reflex and you wanted to create both a visual and a audio trigger for the motor reflex function, hear is what I would do. 

  1. I'd show them a bunch of pictures of people who have been shot. 
  2. While your showing them these horrendous pictures you have someone giving them the rhetoric about how guns kill people. 
  3. All the while they are hearing a tune of some kind. 

So the pictures give them that visual trigger. The rhetoric gives them what to think, while the tune is that audio trigger. What are these elements triggering. Why Guns Kill and that motor reflex function that prevents people from checking the rhetoric. That bad feeling that you have now successfully attached to the motor reflex function. Thus the bad feeling now has a visual and a audio that will trigger the motor reflex function. So how do we fight this kind of sneaky B.S.

Everyone should build the motor reflex function of finding things out for themselves. This amounts to first creating the habit of checking things out for yourself. After a while those neural pathways will also have motor reflex functions and you will catch the liar's lie at least ninety % of the time. The cool thing about this is if you catch the lie 9 out of 10 times, you will build the neural pathway and motor reflex function that will allow you to know if they lied 9 times, I don't really need to prove the 10 th is a lie, now do I. 

All photos are from Pixabay.com. Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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