You are more than welcome. I spend hours each day (mostly on Gab) trying to wake up people who have not seen arguments and discussions or even facts reported, because they have only been watching CNN or some such cancerous tool of the globalists.

I hope the business you were busy with has worked out to your benefit.


Dear @arthur.grafo

Thank you for another kind comment.

I hope the business you were busy with has worked out to your benefit.

I was busy moving my entire life (right after getting married) from Asia back to Europe (immigration became a nightmare for forigners in Asian countries and almost everyone I know is being either deported or forced to move wherever they came from) :)

I noticed that you keep posting really quality content. Perhaps you could always send me memo with link to your publication and 2-3 sentences description ? I will gladly support you with upvote, will drop a comment.

Especially if your publication will be related to crypto,blockchain,AI, economy or psychology (just don't send me memos like every day hehe)

And if I will have some time then I will also share your publication with my larger audience and will help you get some extra traffic.

Please keep in mind, that you can count on my help (whenever I can support you, I will) :)


Will do so - and thanks. I ad not heard of the problems in Asia. I have a respect for Asians, in that they are a pragmatic people who think ahead. What you say worries me. Do they maybe sees Europe as being condemned and fear that they may be soon flooded by Europeans wanting sanctuary?

As for your request...of course I will - and I m honoured that you ask. oh... I also answered you, a few times, in your own post :)

Dear @arthur.grafo

Most Asian countries are currently under heavy Chinese influence. And since brexit started it became obvious that Chine do not see europe as a strong and powerful force within this region.


They are not far wrong, the Europeans have opened themselves to invasion, while shutting themselves off (and blinkering themselves to commonsense and facts) from most of the world - sort of reminds me of the USSR (I lived through it, so I see the similarities - fancy words do not change the truth).

If you every watch a replay of her in congress, she is always reading from her laptop screen. There is no possible way for her two months into her term to come up the Green New Deal. This was fed to her and she is claiming she developed it. A month ago I watched the video exposing her as auditioning for the part. With this lens, it make more sense how she has so much material (nonsense) to continuously talk about.

Dear @morseke1

I only had a chance to read your comment a moment ago. Sorry for such a late reply and I would like to thank you for being so responsive.

Cheers, Piotr