Politically Correct : Rumors of Recession?

Are We Really Going to Have a Recession? …Who Is Spreading This Rumor, and Why?

Is our economy really going to drop like a rock?

Or is a “recession” just another political lie, devised by the democrats and the mainstream media, to unseat Trump in 2020?

Why is all the mainstream media focused on this narrative 24 hours a day?

Is the media hoping that if they spout enough gloom, that people will curtail their spending, and thereby cause a recession?

Are they trying to create self-fulfilling a prophecy?

Find out about all this and more, on this episode of Politically Correct.

Constitutionally Conservative Viewpoints in a Liberal World Gone Mad.

We are just three guys who like to talk about current events, politics and self-reliance. Each week we pick a topic and try to stick to it in the main show. Stick with us and you might learn a thing or two.

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If the recession is true, does it affect the cryptosphere economy to fall like a rock?

A recession would be what the cryptosphere needs most to prove that it is worth it.


No, we are going into the Greatest Depression.

You know, Make America Great Again?
The Great Depression was "great", so lets do more bigger!

Of course the media is just trying to give Chump a black eye.
They are reporting the truth without even knowing it is the truth.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt approves of this message.

yes, we are going to have an unbelievably severe full-on worldwide depression - just not yet though.

the 2-10 yield curve has inverted, and keeps approching inversion again and again - this is the most accurate and reliable indicator of a coming recession, normally 14-18 months after it happens.

the onyl reason the msm are harping on about it is a) to misdirect the reasons for it, and yes blame trump, and b) so that people sell their stocks just before another round of qe and the markets soar for another year or so again.

we are ruled by criminals. sometimes their media information system tells the truth, but for very wrong reasons.

A low yield curve, no interest rates and a rise in the value of gold may be the think to kill the bank!

the central criminal banking cartel is going nowhere unfortunately. they are engineering the collapse, to re-start it with a fully digitised cashless system, meaning full control over every one that uses it, which will be nearly every one.