Politically Correct - The After Show : California's Crime Family

in #informationwarlast year (edited)

A Mafia Crime Family Runs California?

Who has really been running the State of California for the last 80 years?

How are California politicians related to Lucky Lucuiano and the Baltimore Mafia?

How are Govs Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom part of this crime syndicate?

How can Nancy Pelosi be worth over $100 million?

How can California have the highest tax revenue, but still be 2 trillion dollars in debt?

Why are open borders and illegal aliens so important to them?

Find out about all this and more on this episode of Politically Correct.

The After Show

We are just three guys who like to talk about current events, politics and self-reliance. Each week we pick a topic and try to stick to it in the main show, but in the After Show we dive deep into conspiracies and other not so mainstream discussions. Stick with us and you might learn something you probably didn’t want to know.

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