Politically Correct : Why Weren't You Prepared?

Hurricanes- and Disasters… Why Weren’t You Already Prepared?

What can Hurricane Dorian teach us about people and preparedness?

Why do people always wait until a disaster is imminent, before they stock up on supplies?

Why is there always a mad dash for bottled water before a storm?

Why are grocery store shelves always emptied?

Why is there a mad rush for plywood?

Why do people always run out to buy generators?

Why do gas stations run out of gas?

Why don't people already have these items on hand?

Why aren't the vast majority of people already prepared?

Watch this episode of Politically Correct to find out more.

Constitutionally Conservative Viewpoints in a Liberal World Gone Mad.

We are just three guys who like to talk about current events, politics and self-reliance. Each week we pick a topic and try to stick to it in the main show. Stick with us and you might learn a thing or two.

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