$8.3 Billion To Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

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Big Pharma has to be very excited and readying itself for another giant scheme. After a quick look at the headlines below, many people can't obviously afford decent healthcare coverage. Most people earning $18,000 per year often work one or 2 part-time jobs that do not come with health insurance. Up to 30hrs weekly is considered a part-time job in America, and employers get more for their money if hiring 2 part-times instead of paying one employee full benefits. And Medicare is more and more difficult to get for adult singles unless they are veterans or have a disability.

Then we have "all those in between" who are covered but must deal with several thousand out of pocket before their insurance kicks in, just like this young guy from Miami.

WIKI: U.S. population overall was approximately 330 million, with 59 million people 65 years of age and over covered by the federal Medicare program. The 273 million non-institutionalized persons under age 65 either obtained their coverage from employer-based (159 million) or non-employer based (84 million) sources, or were uninsured (30 million).

So out of 330 million, according to WIKI, 114 million are on limited health coverage or do not have any at all. That's almost 50%! Yet we have to believe that money saves lives! The problems caused by money cannot be fixed with money - but less of it and eventually by the complete elimination of it.

One has to wonder what this $8 billion dollar bill signed yesterday is truly about, but we primarily think that it is a bandaid to reassure the stock market which is very sensitive to the "fear factor" and riddled with "corporate buybacks" to make earnings look good, to prevent small businesses from going bankrupt, what could cause a domino effect... and also most likely offer some relief, should a large number of people be stranded at home indefinitely.

All this for a virus whose death rate is around 3%. Not so insane if knowing that a vaccine is on its way. Bigpharma is waiting in the shadows to cash in big this time again.

There is so much alternative news about COVID-19 on the internet that it would be time consuming to cite them all, but we suggest to start with Max Igan and The Corbet Report. Our stance, so far, goes along with the narrative saying that this much hyped outbreak may well be aimed at transitioning to a digital cashless society and begin the global implementation of "vaccination ID cards". The next steps into our global dictatorship.

Money is the glue that makes it happen... a money-free society is the only way out to end population control


Trump signs $8.3B bill to combat coronavirus outbreak in US (march 7 2020)
The money would pay for a multifaceted attack on a virus that is spreading more widely every day, sending financial markets spiraling again Thursday, disrupting travel and potentially threatening the U.S. economy's decade-long expansion. Thursday's sweeping 96-1 vote sends the bill to the White House for President Donald Trump's signature. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., cast the sole “no” vote. The House passed the bill Wednesday by a 415-2 vote. The legislation would provide federal public health agencies money for vaccines, tests and potential treatments, including $300 million to deliver such drugs to those who need it. More than $2 billion would go to help federal, state and local governments prepare for and respond to the coronavirus threat. An additional $1.3 billion would be used to help fight the virus overseas. There's also funding to subsidize $7 billion in small business loans.

The tests concluded that Azcue had the flu, not the coronavirus. Two weeks after his test, he received a claim for $3,270. With limited insurance coverage, he will be responsible for about $1,400 of that bill. Azcue told the Miami Herald: “How can they expect normal citizens to contribute to eliminating the potential risk of person-to-person spread if hospitals are waiting to charge us $3,270 for a simple blood test and a nasal swab?”

The typical US worker can no longer afford a family on a year's salary, showing the dire state of America's middle class (feb 2020)

U.N. report: With 40M in poverty, U.S. most unequal developed nation (2017)

What 60 Minutes Missed: 44 Percent of U.S. Workers Earn $18,000 Per Year
by Charles Mudede • Dec 2019
A study conducted by the Brookings Institute found that 53 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 (or 44 percent of the workforce) yearly earn a median average of $18,000 (or $10.22 per hour). What this means is that a large section of our society can't afford even small mistakes, let alone major emergencies. It only takes one bad move or shock for a low-wage worker to be irrevocably thrown into a catastrophe. CBS's post about the Brookings report appeared the day after it aired the 60 Minutes episode on Seattle's homeless crisis.

ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines


Yes get rid of money, and no one will be helped. This argument is so stupid as to be beyond belief.

Everyone will be busy fending for themselves on their own little plot of land growing their own food. And many, many people would die. Far more than under our current system. Not every self sustaining subsistence farmer has a ventilation machine and bottled oxygen to keep him alive through the worst parts of this sickness.

Try to be a little bit responsible with you stupid bullshit, won't you?

We gotta confront Trump more.

According to the Bible, God is everywhere: Fact or Fiction.

Watch the Video below to know the Answer...

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