Assange Arrested Facing Extradition, Dark Time for Free Press Right Now

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Assange was expelled from the Ecuadorian Embassy into British Custody.

In the past the UK government, under Theresa May, blocked extradition to the US for its prisoners, such as in the case of Gary McKinnon, who was born in the UK.

The doctrine of specialty, may limit charges for extradition:

"The doctrine of specialty, a fundamental feature of extradition law, provides that a state may only prosecute an extradited individual for the offenses agreed to by the sending state."

Extradition and Law of Specialty

SNL discussed Assange, at about 5 mins into it, having the person playing Assange claiming they are a James Bond style supervillain for letting the murcan sheeple know about the murder and cover up of the murder of Reuters Journalists in Iraq among other publishing activities. Asserting Assange wants to destroy the moon.

Very sad the repeatedly negative image of Assange SNL continues to paint in parody of the Democratic Party Military Industrial Complex's narrative on wikileaks and Assange.

This article may be the basis of the SNL narrative

Now post arrest and pending extradition determinations, it seems a negative picture is being painted of Assange as a terrible house guest thus deserving expulsion into the hands of the global hegemonic power. The first SNL clip discusses Assange being a wear on the Ecuadorian house guest, and the below fox article with video of Assange possibly skateboarding.

Fox Article with video of Assange skateboarding presumably in embassy

It will be interesting how it all plays out. Perhaps there is more to the DNC Hack/Leak theories that will bring Assange back into the mainstream in discussing McCarthyism 2.0, if Assange is in the US. Hopefully Assange also will finally have the ability to communicate much more freely than he was able to in the embassy for the past year.

It is an interesting time, and it is very scary Assange is wanted by a seemingly lawless state that has murdered its own citizens without Article III trials, and has a history of indefinite detention and torture and kidnapping/extraordinary rendition for non citizens. And for those who try to resist while in US custody by refusing to eat, they are force fed and denied basic autonomy over their destiny.

Hopefully someday soon Assange and all journalists and whistleblowers can be safe against those who champion secret unaccountable government backed by coercion.

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I personally believe there's more to this story, I sort of doubt he would have made it that long untouched.