Trump Not Allowed to End Temporary Protected Status of ~320K 'Immigrants'

At the U.N. General Assembly, President Trump said his Administration basically got an uncanny amount of things done. He was laughed at by the leaders gathered at the U.N.

The Tale of Laughter at the U.N. May Be Overblown

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That Doesn't Mean there Still Aren't Issues

Trump has definitely not accomplished as much as he has said he has at the U.N. In this authors opinion, Trump is the most embattled President in U.S. history. He gets it from all sides and much of it is dishonest. Taking that into account, maybe he has accomplished a lot. The fact of the matter is, he still has a bunch of half-finished business to tend to and tons of promises to keep.

The question is how is he going to accomplish anything to do with those who illegally emigrated here. Furthermore, how is he going to get the wall as well as everything else immigration done? Trump has gotten virtually nothing done with the Legislature on any front. As Executive, he is not doing that well either. The people publicized by the news that ICE picked up at least in the New York City area have only made things look worse. The "Muslim Ban," the ban that was misnomered by the opposition, was struck down by activist judges. Again, little is getting done on the immigration front. In actuality, it may be getting worse.

All sorts of people, for all sorts of reasons, think everyone from anywhere has a right to come here. The last time I checked, The United States Motto was still "From Many One." While that is a dubious statement, as it was adopted in 1782, therefore, it is doubtful that the "Many" meant any other peoples except that of those of Western European stock. As a matter of fact, that is how the then immigration laws were written.

So, it is safe to say "The Many" in the Motto were the many of Western Europe. That didn't change really until 1965.


The Temporary Protected Status program people according to Phillydotcom

TPS, as it is known, is a special immigration status that allows about 320,000 people from 10 countries to live and work in the United States because of war, floods, droughts, epidemics or armed conflict in their home nations. Some dread a forced return because violence still persists in their homelands.

Phillydotcom doesn't explain who is fleeing what or why or why these people are not rebuilding their own places or much else. Phillydotcom does say that these "immigrants,"

have built full lives and vibrant immigrant communities, who are raising their American-born children

So, these "immigrants" are refugees building vibrant communities here? It seems like they've established a beach head here. They've dropped anchor-babies too. I wonder how much money these 320K persons are receiving from Uncle Sam? They sound like they had to flee from a preposterous situation. Undoubtedly, unlike the Jews on South Park, these "immigrants" didn't have satchels of "Jew Gold."

Why don't these 320K plus people have any care for their homeland and how can we trust them with ours when they have no love for theirs?

Seems like these poor people are living high on the hog and our new Motto should be "For the Colored Many, Many of Them Programs and Helping Hands and Future Complaining and Sheeit."

This is basically the second time now Trump has been overridden in trying to extricate people who have no right to be here forever. This time the Judge was a pampered and Americanized Asian Man/Judge from the State now belonging to La Raza formerly known as CommieFornia and before that, California.

As the lands of the West are swarmed by The Coloreds/Third Worlders, rewilding, the soon to be former inhabitants of the West better focus on becoming one from however many are left. Come together unless they want to coalesce into some type of new non-heritage specific mankind.


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Either A Powder Keg is Going To Explode Among the WHITE AMERICANS & these Immigrants are going to leave under Very UGLY circumstances, or we cease to be America. There is NO other road.