Informationwar on Palnet and Weku! Join today for more rewards!

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Quick Update

On the Weku platform we have a 200,000 WekuPower delegation!

Come on over and join Weku, start posting your posts from Steemit to Weku under the #informationwar tag for us to curate!

Palnet you can earn rewards just for posting to Steem!

If you post on and use the palnet tag, it also shows up on and is eligible for rewards

Palnet works by posting directly to Steem, or if you post on Steem it posts onto Palnet as well. When we upvote a post on Steem it also upvotes your post on Palnet, earning you Palcoins.

Make sure you claim your airdropped coins for Palnet, then power them up just like Steempower. When you are in our curation trail on your upvotes will vote on Palnet and Steem at the same time! Earning you Palcoins and Steem! make sure you post on palnet and it auto posts right to Steem as well! We will upvote your post and you will earn Palcoin and Steem! :)



Who is weku? Why are you supporting a pseudo blockchain that has only one witness and one of the developers when confronted about an account who's upvote was worth millions of weku and who made a few accounts over 70+ rep with less than a dozen votes (millions of weku) they claimed that the account was a hacker and that the funds were locked, all the while as the "hacker" was powering down, and they had the nerve then to say that the 'funds' would be used to reward the community, and to this day they have continued to obfuscate the number of witnesses there are by making dead witnesses appear active.

Are the same people involved in palnet as in weku?
if not, it will be worth joining

Palnet is aggroed/ausbitbank/r0nd0n/yabapmatt and a bunch of others. Weku is different.