#informationwar Writing Contest... ANTIFA... 1000 Weku 1st Prize

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With the recent violence by ANTIFA against a gay journalist in Portland, OR, it seems that an expose of this group is a good topic for a writing contest. Posts should include things such as their history, violence, Communist Party origins, tactics, etc..
Points will be awarded from 1-10 in 3 categories

  1. Explaining ANTIFA and their history
  2. Credible well-sourced links
  3. Style- material presented in a way that is informative as well as interesting.
    Posts can be on current ANTIFA and/or ANTIFA throughout the years.
    1st Prize... 1000 Weku
    2nd Prize... 500 Weku
    3rd Prize... 250 Weku
    Contest begins today: July 4th and will run for 2 weeks until Fri. July 19... Winner to be announced on Mon. July 22.
  4. To enter write your essay making sure to cite all sources for your material, including pictures... NO PLAGIARISM will be tolerated.
  5. Post a link to your article in the comment section here... be sure to use the #informationwar tag along with #antifa
  6. Please reweku this post so we can reach as many participants as possible.
    Good Luck and may the best post win!

Hello guys, whats up? Whats WEKU? Honeslty curious... I will make some important posts about the real story of Pinochet, I hope you like them! ;)

Have there been some anti-antifa posts?